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Online Troubleshooting

If you are having trouble making a payment online, work through our troubleshooting guide below. It will help you with the main problems that we get calls about. If the problem you are encountering is not listed, or you have tried our suggested solution and are still having issues please fill out our troubleshooting form below or call us on 07 577 7000.

Getting Started

  • If you are having trouble accessing the internet, try closing down your browser and starting a new session.
  • Check what type of browser (e.g. Outlook, Firefox, Safari and Chrome) and which version are you using. Our website only supports the latest two versions of each of these.
  • Check that you have ticked the terms and conditions box.

Entering Required Information

  • Check that you have entered the invoice, ticket number or your customer number correctly in the first field. You need to pay different types of invoices separately but you can pay more than one parking infringement, dog registration, rates or water rates invoice at once. 
  • Check that the expiry date on your credit card is valid. Council will only accept credit cards with an expiry date of less than five years.

Completing Transaction / Payment

  • If error message ‘99’ appears, please check your credit card status with your bank. Sometimes this error can also occur if you have entered any of the details in any part of the process incorrectly. 
  • Sometimes if you take a bit longer than usual to complete your payment, or if the internet connection you are using is particularly slow, the session can time out.  If this happens, please just exit out of the application and start again.

Last Reviewed: 17/08/2016

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