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Building Online Consent Application System

Building consent and Code Compliance Certificate applications are now submitted online. 

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Building Consents online (672kb pdf)

Building Consents Online overview.

Building? Renovating?

You will need a plan, information on your property, possibly some advice, and to get the right consents for the job.

This section, along with our Building Services and Inspections teams, are here to help.

Here's an overview of the building process and what you're required to do with and get from Council. Please give us a call on 07 577 7000 if you have any questions - the more information you and we have, the easier and quicker the process will be!

Building process overview and requirements

Step 1: Have a great idea, and prepare your plans 

Step 2: Apply for a Project Information Memorandum (PIM) if you want to check that your project complies with the Building Act, the City Plan and that natural hazards have been taken into account. 

Find out about PIMs

This is also the time to check whether you require resource consent for your work. A resource consent is a decision issued by the Council to let you carry out an activity on your site that is not permitted under the District Plan or City Plan. Many people who apply for building consent in Tauranga also require resource consent.

A beginner’s guide to resource and building consent processes (3.5mb pdf)

More on Resource Consents

Step 3: Prepare your detailed plans and specifications. Figure out who will do the building work for you (find a Licensed Building Practitioner) or get an exemption from Council if you want to do the work yourself as an Owner-Builder.

Restricted Building Work and Owner-Builder Exemptions

Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs)

Step 4: Apply for a building consent through Building Consents Online. . 

Building Consent application process

Step 5: Council checks your plans and specifications for compliance (we may request further information during this step)

Step 6: Pay your invoice and receive your Building Consent once issued

Pay invoice online

Step 7: The building work can begin! 

Step 8: Get Council to carry out inspections during the building process as required

Book an inspection

You will need to provide Council with a completed Building Location Certificate for any ground check, foundations, or slab on grade inspection. Send the completed form to and keep a copy onsite for the inspector to review.

Building Location Certificate (42kb pdf)

Building Location Certificate (39kb docx)

Making a minor amendment to your Building Consent

Your building work has commenced but you need to make a small change to your consented plans? If it’s a minor variation, stop all work on that particular part of your project, fill in the “On-Site Application for Minor Variation to Approved Plans“ form below and send it to Make sure you also keep a copy onsite for your and your builder’s records.

Minor variation: minor modification, addition, or variation to a building consent that does not deviate significantly from the plans and specifications to which the building consent relates. Examples are (a) substituting comparable products (e.g. substituting one internal lining for a similar internal lining), (b) minor wall bracing changes, (c) a minor construction change (e.g. changing the framing method used around a window) or (d) changing a room's layout (e.g. changing the position of fixtures in a bathroom or kitchen). Check with the Inspections team (07 578 6666) if you have any doubt.

T-803 On-Site Application for Minor Variation to Approved Plans (176kb pdf)

T-803 On-Site Application for Minor Variation to Approved Plans (362kb docx)

Step 9: Apply for your Code Compliance Certificate (CCC)

Code of Compliance

And you're done. Congratulations!

You can also find Information on: 

  • Property Files
  • Land information memoranda (LIMs)
  • Compliance schedules and building warrant of fitness
  • Making alterations to existing commercial buildings
  • Earthquake prone buildings
  • Weathertight homes
  • Specific guidelines for swimming pools, fencing, earthworks and trees

Find the information you need using the menu at the top of this page, or contact our Call Centre advisors for help!

Last Reviewed: 11/04/2017

Obtaining a Copy of the Building Code

All building work in New Zealand must comply with the Building Code, which is the first schedule to the Building Regulations 1992.

Copies of the Building Code are available from:

NB: The NZ Building Standards documentation is available to view.  This is in agreement with Leslie Goodliffe of the Library.

Last Reviewed: 28/03/2017