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Building Consent Application Process

How do I get a building consent?

Step 1: making an application

To get a building consent, you need to have a set of building plans and specifications, and provide any other required additional information as set out in our Building Consents Online system.

It may be useful for you to talk to our customer service team before you start your building consent application so that you know beforehand what you need to have ready. They have many tools (including aerial photographs, site maps, drainage and facilities maps) to assist you in finding out exactly what is required.

Once you are ready to lodge your application, you are welcome to make an appointment with us to make sure you have everything you need. Please call 07 577 7000 to arrange a suitable time with building services staff.

Building Consents Online

Producer Statements

Tauranga City Council may accept Producer Statements as a method of verifying compliance with the NZ Building Code. If you wish to use a Producer Statement to verify compliance, this is to be agreed with Council prior to work commencing on site. Producer Statements can be submitted in your Building Consent application or when you apply for a Code Compliance Certificate. Producer Statements need to be appropriate for the work, job-specific (i.e. specifically designed for the building work being consented), and signed by a suitably qualified and competent author.

Step 2: processing your building consent application

Your building consent should be processed within 20 working days (10 days for Multiproof consents), once you have provided the correct information. Over Christmas statutory holidays, processing of consents may take longer due to undetermined shutdown period.

If we need more information to continue processing your building consent we will write to you to ask for it. From that point on we may ‘stop the clock’ until we receive all of the information we need. This means your application may take more than 20 working days. The 20 days do not count for the days missed while clock is stopped.

Sometimes when we process building consents we discover that other consents or authorisations may be required before we can issue it. This may include the need to obtain neighbour’s consent or a consent to connect to Council's utility systems. This may include the need to obtain resource consent, neighbours consent, or a consent to connect to Council's utility systems. If this is the case, your building consent will be issued under Section 37 which means that no work can start until you have obtained any other consents or approvals you need.

To check progress on your building consent please phone the Tauranga City Council on 07 577 7000.

Involvement of other parties

  • Your application may be circulated to other parties within the Council for processing such as planning, engineering, building, water, drainage. 
  • Your application may also be circulated to external specialists (for example, CERA or Heritage New Zealand).
  • For some commercial buildings, the Council is required to send the fire design to the New Zealand Fire Service Engineering Unit for review.

Step 3: granting your building consent

Once we are satisfied that the documentation is Building Code-compliant, we will grant your application. The date your building consent is granted is the date your building consent was approved pending payment of all fees due by you. Note that no building work is to start before a building consent is issued. 

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Step 4: issuing your building consent and start of work

Once all fees are paid, your building consent will be issued. Make sure you read the full documentation carefully.

In some circumstances, having a building consent issued to you does not necessarily mean that construction can start. Other legislation has a role to play too and you may have to wait for other authorisations such as a resource consent. These conditions will be listed on a certificate attached to your building consent (section 37 of the Building Act).

If building work has not started within 12 months of issuing, the consent will be lapsed as per Section 52, Building Act 2004. 

How much do building consents cost?

Building consent fees

How do I book an inspection?

Council will inspect your building work so that we can issue a Code Compliance Certificate. The certificate proves that your building work has met the conditions in your building consent (and therefore the New Zealand Building Code) and that the work is safe for use.

To book an inspection please phone the Tauranga City Council on 07 578 6666 at least three days before you want the inspection done.

Learn more about inspections

Last Reviewed: 05/04/2017