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Compliance Schedules

When a commercial building, apartment block that shares an entrance or a building that is not used wholly as a single household unit has been identified as having a specified system, a compliance schedule and compliance schedule statement is issued by the Council.

Compliance schedule

A compliance schedule states what specified systems are installed in the building and the performance standards to which they are inspected and maintained. A compliance schedule is issued with the Code Compliance Certificate and will include inspection maintenance and reporting procedures as defined by the applicant in the building consent. 

Compliance schedule statement

A compliance schedule statement lists the specified systems in the building and must be displayed in a public part of the building for the first year. It is replaced after 12 months by a building warrant of fitness.

Specified systems are:

SS1:  automatic system for fire suppression (e.g. sprinkler system)

SS2:  automatic or manual warning system for fire or other dangers (eg fire alarms)

SS3:  electromagnetic or automatic doors or window

  • SS3/1 - Automatic doors
  • SS3/2 - Access controlled doors
  • SS3/3 - Interfaced fire or smoke doors or windows

SS4:  emergency lighting system

SS5:  escape route pressurization system

SS6:  riser mains for use by fire services

SS7:  automatic backflow preventer connected to a potable water supply (within the boundary only, Water Services deal with boundary devices)

SS8:  lifts, escalators, travelators or other systems for moving people or goods within buildings

  • SS8/1 - Passenger-carrying lifts
  • SS8/2 - Service lifts
  • SS8/3 - Escalators and moving walks

SS9:  mechanical ventilation or air conditioning systems

SS10:  building maintenance units providing access to exterior and interior walls or buildings

SS11:  laboratory fume cupboard

SS12:  audio loops or other assistive listening systems

  • SS12/1 - Audio loops
  • SS12/2 - FM radio frequency systems and infrared beam transmission system

SS13: smoke control systems (not smoke detectors)

  • SS13/1 - Mechanical smoke control
  • SS13/2 - Natural smoke control
  • SS13/3 - Smoke curtains

SS14:  emergency power systems for, or signs relating to, a system or feature specified in any of clauses 1 to 13

  • SS14/1 - Emergency power systems
  • SS14/2 - Signs relating to a specified system

SS15:  other fire safety systems or feature

  • SS15/1 - Systems for communicating spoken information intended to facilitate evacuation
  • SS15/2 - Final exits
  • SS15/3 - Fire separations
  • SS15/4 - Signs for communication information intended to facilitate evacuation (eg exit and directional exit signs)
  • SS15/5 - Smoke separations

SS16:  cable cars

Addition/deletion of specified systems from the compliance schedule

Building owners can request Council to add or delete specified systems from their compliance schedule. This can be done either through the Building Consent process, or the owner can supply Council with an Application to Amend Compliance Schedule (Form 11).

If the request is to remove a specified system, Council has a right to reject the amendment.

Any work carried out in a building that affects a specified system whereby a system needs installing, altering or removing a building consent must be applied for.

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Last Reviewed: 09/11/2016