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Building consents are now online

Building consents applications are now submitted online.  

Sign up to building consent online system

When applying for Building Consent, please to check whether you will also need Resource Consent.

When applying for a PIM, please take note of the following:

  • Use only black or blue biro (pencil or red pen will not be accepted)
  • Do not use grid or lined paper
  • Font size must be no smaller than 8
  • All documents must have at least 1cm margin on all outer edges with no information in them
  • All stamps must be clear and legible – do not use red
  • Ensure all plans are titled
  • Any photocopies must be to an acceptable legible standard

Application for Minor Works

Building Consent - Minor Works (1.5mb pdf)
Building Consent Minor Works (5.2mb word)

Use the Minor Works form for:

  • installing a solid fuel heater
  • demolishing or removing a building
  • connecting to a residential sewer or drainage

Producer Statements Forms

PS1 - Design (34kb pdf)
PS1 - Design (713kb word)

PS2 - Design review (33kb pdf)
PS2 - Design review (714kb word)

PS3 - Producer statement construction (134kb pdf)
PS3 - Producer statement construction (717kb word)

PS4 - Producer statement construction review (29kb pdf)
PS4 - Producer statement construction review (712kb word)

Other Application Forms

LIM Application (141kb pdf)
LIM Application (282kb word)

Form 6 - Application for Code Compliance Certificate (295kb pdf)
Form 6 - Application for Code Compliance Certificate (1.02mb word)

Form 8 – Application for Certificate of Acceptance (366kb pdf)
Form 8 – Application for Certificate of Acceptance (3.7mb word)

Form 15 - Application for Certificate for Public Use (209kb pdf)
Form 15 - Application for Certificate of Public Use (1.2mb word)

Temporary Buildings/Structures Calculation Sheet (205kb word)  
Form 11 - Building Warrant of Fitness
Form 12 - Building Warrant of Fitness (21kb pdf)
Form 12a - Building Warrant of Fitness

Checklist Building Consent prior to 224 (122kb pdf)

Building Location Certificate (42kb pdf)
Building Location Certificate (38kb word)

Carry out a self-certified inspection for tanking, pre-plaster, pre-stopping/bracing and block foundations

Tauranga City Council’s Building Consent Authority (BCA) has introduced four self-certified inspections on a trial basis to help alleviate current inspection waiting time issues. Self-certified inspections must be carried out by Licenced Building Practitioners (LBPs). LBPs can self-certify inspections for tanking, pre-plaster, pre-stopping/bracing and block foundations (no more than 3 blocks high).You must call 07 578 6666 in advance to let Council know when you will be carrying out this inspection.

Self-Certified Inspection Form (147kb pdf)
Self-Certified Inspection Form (360kb word)

Service Connection Application Forms

Water Supply/Drainage/Vehicle Crossing Application Form

Amendment Forms

If your building consent has been issued and you need to change something in it, you can fill in an amendment form.

Building Consent Amendment Form (274kb pdf)

Minor variations to approved plans

T-803 On-Site Application for Minor Variation to Approved Plans (176kb pdf)
T-803 On-Site Application for Minor Variation to Approved Plans (362kb word)

Major variations to approved plans

Application to amend building consent (615kb pdf)
Application to amend building consent (1.4mb word)

Our customer service staff will discuss your changes and help you identify whether you only need to amend your current building consent, or if you will need to apply for a new building consent.

Guidance Documents

TCC have various guidance documents available to help owners and practitioners.

Accessible Facilities Template (1.8mb pdf)
Accessible Facilities Template (377kb word)

Building Location Certificate Guidance (Under review)

Geotech Investigation Documentation for Applications – Checklist (267kb pdf)

Ground Checks Guidance (Under review)

Producer Statement Policy (Under review)


Last Reviewed: 31/03/2017