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Certificate for Public Use

Amendments to section 363 of the Building Act in 2004 introduced a certificate for public use for premises intended for public use that are affected by building work.

Owners of premises intended for public use can apply for a certificate of public use. This means that those premises can be used or occupied prior to the issue of a Code Compliance Certificate if it is safe to do so.

An application form for a certificate for public use can be downloaded here:

Certificate of Public Use Application form (418kb pdf)

Certificate of Public Use Application form (1.2mb doc)

Once you have filled in the form you will need to contact  the Building Inspection team on 07 578 6666 for an inspection (building inspections will require at least 48 hours notice for an inspection to be carried out). After the inspection, the building inspectors will forward the paperwork to Council who will then issue the Certificate of Public Use. 

Last Reviewed: 05/04/2017