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Code Compliance Certificate

A Code Compliance Certificate is issued when building work is completed and confirms the work done complies with the building consent. This shows the work is legal, and ensures the new building work is reflected in the property’s valuation.

Council issues Code Compliance Certificate based on the inspections undertaken during and at the end of construction. It is only issued when the final inspections have been passed. Once you are finished your building work, contact Tauranga City Council on 07 578 6666 to arrange for a final inspection.

Any documentation required before the final inspection e.g., ground check, building location certificate or minor variations, can be submitted prior to the CCC application to

Council has 20 working days after the final inspection is completed to issue a Code of Compliance Certificate provided all the necessary Producer Statements & Certificates have been supplied.

You can contact the Council to check if your property has a Code Compliance Certificate.

You can apply for a Code Compliance Certificate by filling out the below form and emailing it to us at ( The CCC application must be emailed in full and in the same order as listed on the Required Items Report - issued with the building consent - or on the site notice. You can also present it in person at our customer service centre, or send your completed application via the post.

Building inspectors are not accepting CCC application documentation on the building site as of October 2016.

After you apply, the Code Compliance Team will assign the application to an officer for vetting. If the application is incomplete, or inaccurate, it will be declined and an administration time charge will be applied at $167.00 per hour.

Code Compliance Certificates came into effect on 1 July 1992, so if the property is older than that it will not have one. However, there should be final inspection sign offs noted in the file.

Code Compliance Certificate application form (295kb pdf)

Code Compliance Certificate fees

Extension of time for Code Compliance Certificate

Tauranga City Council reserves the right to re-inspect building work if the period of time between passing a final inspection and applying for a Code Compliance Certificate is long enough to cause concerns around durability, or scope and nature of building work.

  1. If works are not closed in, Council will always require an inspection to be carried out to ascertain the status of the works,  for example Building Code B1 - structural condition, and Building Code B2 - durability including treatment of the timber, rusting of steel fittings, etc.  A decision will then be made on whether an extension could be granted.
  2. If works are closed in, an extension can be granted for up to six months. As long as the building is weathertight and complies with Building Code E2. If after that time the work is still incomplete, Council may undertake an inspection to review the progress of works in order to determine if a further extension is required.
  3. For re-clad work, commercial work, or a pool, an inspection must always be completed to ascertain the status of the works prior to any extension being considered, and that the building complies or will comply with B1, B2, E1, and E2 of the Building Code.

Application Extension for Code Compliance Certificate (80kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 17/02/2017