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Doing something with your land? You may need resource consent for your project.

If your project could impact on the environment, or could affect other people, you may require resource consent.
Council’s Environmental Planning team can help you with a range of planning needs and requirements including:

  • resource and subdivision consent application advice and processing
  • advice on how the City Plan and Resource Management Act (RMA) affect your project
  • advice on working with affected people and Tangata Whenua
  • notified consents and hearings
  • monitoring compliance with the City Plan and RMA.

If you think you need resource consent but need more information, speak to our Duty Planner.   Alternatively you can book a meeting to discuss your proposal with a member of Council’s planning team.  They can look over your project plan and point out some of the things you will need to consider as you prepare your application.

When you’re ready to lodge your resource consent application, you will need to book a meeting to check that you have given us everything we need to process your application. This will help to make the resource consent process quicker for you.

You will also need to check whether you require building consent for your work.  A building consent is approval from Council for you to carry out building works at a specific site.  It ensures that building, plumbing, drainage and fire safety requirements comply with the NZ Building Code.  Many people who apply for resource consent in Tauranga also require building consent. 

For more information on resource consent processes browse through these pages or check out our list of helpful links.

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Last Reviewed: 15/03/2017