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Notified Applications & Decisions

Almost all resource consent applications are able to be processed without the need to notify members of the public.  We generally don’t notify applications when the environmental effects of the activity will be minor and all affected people have given their written approval.

If we decide not to notify your application, we won’t advertise it or call for submissions. Our decision will be based on the application alone.

However, sometimes we decide that a proposal is likely to have a broader effect on the environment.  We then consider whether to:

  • notify those people who may be directly affected (limited notification), or 
  • notify the public generally (public notification).

If your application is notified, then people are able to make a submission on your application and become involved in the hearing of your application.


What is limited notification?

If the effects of your proposal are minor and you have not obtained written approvals of everyone who is considered by Council to be affected, those people will be notified of your application. They will have 20 working days to make a submission supporting or opposing your application. Only those people served with your application are able to put in a submission.

What is public notification?

If we determine that the effects of your proposal are more than minor we may decide to publicly notify your application.

A public notice will appear in newspapers and, for some parts of the region, online.  The application will be available to be viewed on Council's website.  We will also directly notify adversely affected people and people we are required to notify under the Resource Management Act 1991.

Anyone can make a submission supporting or opposing your application within 20 working days. 

Affected Persons


What happens if your application receives a submission?

We encourage applicants and submitters to communicate directly to discuss any concerns and identify ways in which those concerns can be addressed.

If those concerns cannot be resolved, Council may require a pre-hearing meeting or refer the parties to mediation. This is an opportunity to clarify and potentially resolve any concerns.

If that doesn't succeed, a public hearing would be held to decide on your application.

Current notified applications

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Last Reviewed: 19/04/2017