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Commercial food stalls

Commercial food stalls must have a registered food control plan or national programme. 

New commercial food stalls

New commercial food stalls (established after 1 March 2016) need to register a food control plan or national programme under the new Food Act 2014. Food control plans allow the business to use a domestic kitchen to cook and prepare food and also to sell at markets and events.

Some exemptions from having to register a plan or programme are:

  • growers selling unprocessed home-grown fruit and vegetables directly to customers
  • people who sell only pre-packaged foods that don’t need refrigeration or freezing
  • those that sell food once in a calendar year.

However, you still need to make sure the food you sell is safe and suitable to eat. 

Existing commercial food stalls

Holders of annual food stall licences (prior to 1 March 2016) are able to renew their licence until they are required to transition onto the new regulations.

Last Reviewed: 04/12/2017

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