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Iwi Hapu Resource Management Plans

A Iwi Hapu Resource Management Plan (IHMP) is a document developed and approved by hapu and/or iwi, that describes resource management issues of importance to them as Tangata Whenua.

The plans may also contain information relating to specific cultural values, historical accounts, descriptions of areas of interest (iwi/hapu boundaries/rohe) and consultation/engagement protocols for resource consents and/or plan changes.

Importance of Iwi/Hapu Resource Management Plans

IHMP planning documents provide a mechanism for tangata whenua interests to be considered in Council processes. There are specific legislative requirements which place a duty on Council staff to take these plans into account. In practice, local authorities must balance a number of competing interests, including iwi/hapu plans. The importance of HIMP planning documents is that they have been recognised by Tauranga City Council. Note that some are also funded by Council.

Iwi/Hapu Resource Management Plans 

Pan tribal

Date Plan Lodged Iwi/hapu
2008 Te Awanui: Tauranga Harbour Iwi Management Plan Ngai Te Rangi
Ngati Ranginui
Ngati Pukenga
2016 Tauranga Moana Iwi Management Plan   Ngai Te Rangi
Ngati Ranginui
Ngati Pukenga

Ngati Ranginui

Date Plan Lodged Iwi/hapu
2011 Ngati Kahu Hapu Environmental Management Plan Ngati Kahu
2013 Ngai Te Ahi Hapu Environmental Management Plan Ngai Te Ahi
2014 Te Mana Taiao o Ngai Tamarawaho Management Plan Ngai Tamarawaho

Ngati Te Rangi

Date Plan Lodged Iwi/hapu
1995 Ngai Te Rangi Resource Management Plan   Ngai Te Rangi
2014 Ngai Tapu Ngai Tukairangi Hapu Management Plan Ngai Tukairangi
Ngati Tapu

Ngati Pukenga

Date Plan Lodged Iwi/hapu
2013 Ngati Pukenga Iwi ki Tauranga Trust Iwi Management Plan   Ngati Pukenga

Te Arawa 

Date Plan Lodged Iwi/hapu

Tapuika Environmental Management Plan

Map books


Waitahi Iwi Management Plan

Map book


For more information about Iwi/Hapu Managements and Plans from the wider Bay of Plenty region please visit Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Last Reviewed: 13/12/2017

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