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384-410 Maunganui Road

384-410 Maunganui Road Strategic Land Review

Map of Maunganui Road

On 23 June 2015 Tauranga City Council’s Elected Members decided to retain the land comprising the Mount Library and Mount Plunket Preschool along with land to create a new park of 3,500m2. Approximately 8,300m2 of land was sold to Zespri in November 2015 following a communication tender process.

Zespri intend to develop this area as the home of their international headquarters. As part of the sale and purchase agreement Zespri agreed to cover the cost of providing 3,300m2 of park on the section of the site remaining in Council ownership.

The land bought by Zespri is zoned commercial under the City Plan. Development on the land will go through relevant Resource Management Act (RMA) and City Plan processes.

Last Reviewed: 27/07/2016