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The Keeping of Animals Bylaw allows hens to be kept on a residential property.

You can keep poultry on your own property within a residential area.

The following conditions apply: 

  • up to 12 chickens (hens) can be kept in a residential area 
  • hutch is to be kept three metres off boundary 
  • area must be kept clean so as not to attract flies and vermin
  •  poultry must be restrained (don't let them wander onto neighbouring properties, but they can free-range on the owner's property)


  • Roosters cannot be kept within the city boundary without prior written consent. It is only in exceptional circumstances that written consent will be given to keep a rooster.

Last Reviewed: 09/06/2016


Goats cannot be kept within the city boundary without prior written consent unless the area is zoned Rural. Written consent may be given upon receipt of a written application and if Council is satisfied that the goat:

  • Will be kept secure;
  • Will be provided with adequate water, food and shelter; and
  • Will not cause nuisance to any other person.

Any approval may be revoked at any time by giving the owner 5 days’ written notice to remove the goat.

Last Reviewed: 12/05/2016


Pigs cannot be kept within the city boundary without prior written consent unless the area is zoned Rural. It is only in exceptional circumstances that written consent will be given to keep a pig. 
Please contact the Council on 07 577 7000 for more information or call in to the customer service centre at 91 Willow St, Tauranga.

Last Reviewed: 28/03/2017

Roaming Stock

Control of Stock

You must keep stock confined on all sides by a proper and adequate stock proof fence.

When grass is slow or there is insufficient feed for the number of animals being kept, stock will continuously test the boundary. 

Wandering stockMake sure you:        

  • keep the fences well maintained 
  • lock or spring load gates 
  • regularly test electric fences  
  • put a contact phone number on horse covers. 

Stock on the road at night are a very serious hazard.

Wandering stock can be impounded.

To report stock wandering please contact Tauranga City Council Call Centre on 07 577 7000

Note:  When calling to advise of wandering stock please note the colour of the animals, the direction they are heading and what side of the road that they are on.

Last Reviewed: 27/12/2016

Dead Animals

If you come across a dead animal you can contact the following places to arrange disposal.

  • If you find it in a public place within Tauranga City Council area contact Tauranga City Council on 07 577 7000.
  • If you come across dead sea animals on a beach contact the Department of Conservation (DOC) - Tauranga Area Office phone 07 578 7677.
  • If you come across other animals on a beach contact the Environment Bay of Plenty Pollution Hotline 0800 738 393.

If you would like to know about pet cremation or burial services please refer to the yellow pages of the phone book under Pet Cemeteries or Pet Services.

Last Reviewed: 28/03/2017

Keeping of Bees

This does not relate to wild bees, wasps or bee swarms, it only relates to a person keeping a bee hive(s).

Bee hives may be kept in the city. It is recognised that bees contribute to our environment by pollinating a large range of plants and fruit trees etc.  However, if bees are causing a nuisance or annoyance to any person or are dangerous or injurious to health then Council may ask the owner to either relocate the hive on their property or remove it entirely.

Honey bees are not naturally aggressive and if left to go about their business should not be a danger or threat to neighbours.

If you wish to keep bees please consider the impact it may have on your neighbour when locating your hive(s). Bees defecate as the leave the hive and this can cause an unsightly mess on neighbours washing, windows or vehicles. 

Please Note: Bees in a garden could have come from hives within a 3 kilometre radius, so removing a hive from a neighbour’s property will not necessarily mean that the bee numbers in the garden will go down. If there are flowers that are attracting bees, they will come from anywhere. If there are no bee attracting flowers in a garden, there will be no bees.

Every person wanting to keep a bee hive must first register themselves and each beehive with Asure Quality. Freephone 0508 00 11 22.       

(Note: This is a Government requirement not Tauranga City Council) 

Last Reviewed: 12/05/2016