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"Archives can be a collection of historical records, or a location holding historical records. The Tauranga City Council does not have an archive that holds its historical records. Most are with OnLine Security, our off-site storage facility, in Hamilton. Some archival records are in our Corporate File Room, for example, the Minute Books, going back to 1888, for the previous local authorities now within the Tauranga City Council boundaries, such as the previous Tauranga City and Mount Borough Authorities and the Papamoa Beach Community Council. These records pre-date the Local Body Amalgamation of 1989. If you wish to view specific, historical, minutes, the index to early Tauranga City Minute Books can be viewed in the New Zealand Room (the Local History section of the Tauranga Central Library) and you must make your request through the Democracy Section of Council.

Please note that Council archival holdings do not contain records of local or community societies and organisations but in some instances, these may be found in the Local History section of the Tauranga Library.

If you wish to view other material contained within the Council archival holdings your request is automatically treated as an Official Information Request covered by the provisions of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1983. These requests can be made through Council’s Legal Officer. There may be limits on access to original papers to protect documents or for confidentiality reasons, such as protecting personal privacy, or sensitive commercial information. If retrieval of the information was determined to be onerous to the Council, retrieval charges may be incurred, dependant upon the type and amount of information required. 

Tauranga Libraries local history section

These are some useful dates to remember when requesting information:


Mount Maunganui Town Board: November 1930 – 6 April 1945
Mount Maunganui Borough Council: 15 March 1945 – 31 October 1989
County: Up to 1 November 1989
Tauranga City Council: 1937 – 31 October 1989
Tauranga District Council: 1 November 1989 – 29th February 2004
Tauranga City Council: 1 March 2004 -

Last Reviewed: 28/03/2017