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City Flagpole


Peter Farmer from Farmer Motor Group came up with the idea of the flagpole and was instrumental in bringing together the various interested parties to see this project completed.


The Flagpole is located on the corner Takitimu Dr/Elizabeth St and was donated by Countdown Supermarket on Cameron Rd where it originally stood.

Why Elizabeth Street/Takitimu Drive?

It was erected at this site as it is the main gateway into the city and will create a sense of national pride.

The Flags/Banners:

The NZ Flag will be flown at the top of the flagpole at all times. Beneath the flag will be two banners one representing Ngai Tamarawaho Hapu (the local hapu of the area where the flagpole stands) and the other the Tauranga City Council Emblem. There will also be three carved panels laid at the base of the flagpole each one representing the main iwi in the area Ngati Ranginui, Ngaiterangi and Ngati Pukenga.


A number of organisations offered their support towards the construction of the flagpole. A separate trust was set up (free of charge) to manage the various contributions.

Contributors included:

  • Countdown Supermarket: provision of the flagpole
  • Livingstone Builders: management and labour
  • Cooney, Lees & Morgan: setting up of the Flagpole Trust
  • Supacrete: concrete for the base
  • Thorpe Steel: steel for the base
  • Beca: structural/civil design
  • McLeod Cranes: transportation and installation of the flagpole
  • BOP Times & The Radio Network: promotional assistance
  • Trustpower, Farmer Family Trust
  • Realty Services cash grant
  • Guild & Spence: lighting advice
  • Opus: traffic management advise and services
  • Downer EDI Works: traffic management and protective barriers


The flagpole has been gifted to the City and is managed and maintained by the Tauranga City Council Property Team.

Please contact the Property Team, ph 07 577 7000 should any issues arise.

Last Reviewed: 15/03/2017