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Civil Defence Emergency Management

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What should I do in an emergency?

In an emergency or Civil Defence event, we recommend you tune into one of the local radio stations to receive up-to-date messages and information. You should also sign up for an official alerting system which will provide you with information about the emergency. The radio notices will tell you what to do and where to go - whether you should stay at home or to evacuate to a Civil Defence Centre. This website and Bay of Plenty Civil Defence Emergency Management Group website will also be updated regularly with information as an emergency situation develops. 
If the emergency is of a serious nature then Civil Defence Centres will be opened to provide basic services to the community during an emergency or Civil Defence event. Information on the current situation will be displayed at these also. The location of these centres will be publically advised at the time of the emergency and may vary depending on the nature of the situation. 

Our best advice is listen to your radio

Information on official alert systems

Bay of Plenty Civil Defence Emergency Management Group

Civil Defence Emergency Management Group

Tauranga City is at risk from a range of both natural and man-made hazards which have the potential to cause a loss of life or injury and damage to infrastructure and property.

The Civil Defence Emergency Management Group, of which Tauranga City Council is a part, is required to consider any and all hazards that may lead to a declaration of a state of local emergency.  These hazards must be of significant enough to be beyond the ability of emergency services to cope. 

Tauranga City Council and the Western Bay of Plenty District Council have a combined emergency management office.  It is situated at the offices of Tauranga City Council, 91 Willow Street, Tauranga.

Tauranga City Council is a member of the Bay of Plenty Civil Defence Emergency Management Group. 

Western Bay of Plenty Emergency Management

Natural Hazards 

Man-made Hazards 

Be Prepared

Tsunami Survive

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Last Reviewed: 26/10/2016