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Be Prepared

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Preparing an emergency plan

Creating an emergency plan will help you to look after yourself and know that your family members are doing the same, especially if you are not together at the time of the emergency. The following steps will help you prepare your plan. Tauranga City Council can provide support and information to assist you in plan preparation.

Household emergency plan template (117kb pdf)

Make your plan online

Be prepared advice is available in 8 languages:  

  • English
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Hindi
  • Korean
  • Te Reo Maori
  • Gagana Samoa
  • Lea Faka-Tonga
  • Arabic

Emergency Alerts

There are different ways you can be alerted during an emergency by subscribing to emergency updates. You will be notified any time there is a change to the emergency status or advice on a specific event. New ways for alerting the public are currently being developed. It is likely these will be available sometime during 2014. Council will notify the public via its website and media sources when they are available. In the meantime please find below some options that are currently available.

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Tsunami warning sirens - The highest land threat to Tauranga City from a tsunami is from a tsunami that is generated less than an hour from the coastline. Tsunami sirens are very unlikely to be much use in these events. The primary warning sign for such a tsunami is a severe earthquake. If the shaking knocks you over or if it lasts for more than 1 minute, it’s time to go. Don’t wait for anyone to tell you what to do.

Please note that the Tauranga City Council cannot guarantee that the Emergency Updates will reach you during an Emergency due circumstances outside of our control, like infrastructure failure, which may interfere with the broadcasts.

At Home

Tauranga City is expected to experience a range of natural and man-made disasters such as flooding, tsunami and public health crisis in the future. Disasters have the potential to ruin everything people have worked for over the years - homes, treasured and precious items and, possibly, the loss of a loved one. Ensure you and your family are as best prepared as possible.
How to Get Ready

Make an emergency toilet (354kb pdf)

Pet Civil Defence

It's Easy Get Prepared for an Emergency (2mb pdf)

At school

Experience around the world has shown that where people are aware of the risks around them and plan their response, then injuries, damage and subsequent trauma are significantly reduced. The purpose of the planning process is therefore to ensure that the safety of students and staff is maintained as far as possible in any emergency incident. As each school has unique circumstances it is strongly recommended that any plan be owned and implemented by the school, making reference to its specific needs.

Whats the Plan Stan

Emergency management for schools resource (3.4mb pdf)

At preschool

Preschools have unique circumstances which need to be considered when preparing for an emergency. Teachers should have several practice drills with the children so they are familiar with the drill. Teachers should also talk to children about hazards such as earthquakes to help reduce fear and anxiety. Encourage them to ask questions and provide an opportunity for them to express their feelings by talking or drawing. Remind them that it can be a frightening experience for everyone but that it will get better and that there will be people around to help.

 Preschool resources

At work

Planning for emergencies is a sensible precaution. There are a variety of hazards that could cause an emergency for a business. That represents a threat to you, your employees, your customers and your community. Businesses that are poorly prepared to deal with an emergency, or the consequences of it, may not be able to stay in business. That potentially represents a significant economic loss, both personal and public.

How to be prepared at work

BOP Lifelines Group

Resilient Organisations

Resilient Business

Do a simple 5 minute check for your business’ resilience

Check the Top 10 priorities for a resilient business

See what other businesses are doing


People with disabilities

For people with a disability, emergencies such as fires, floods and acts of terrorism present a real challenge. The same challenge also applies to the elderly and other special needs populations. 
If you, or a member of your household or community has a disability or any special requirement that may affect the ability to cope in a disaster, make arrangements now to get the support needed. 
This booklet will help people with disabilities prepare and emergency plan to protect themselves, family, friends, personal care assistant and others in the support network in the event of an emergency. Post the plan where everyone will see it, keep a copy with you and make sure everyone involved in your plan has a copy.

Resources for the vision impaired community 

At the Marae

The role of marae and Maori communities in post-disaster recovery: a case study (1.4mb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 17/03/2017