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Council has a Significance and Engagement Policy which defines how it engages with the community in decision making processes. This is available on Council's website.

The Local Government Act 2002 sets out consultation principles and a procedure that local authorities must follow when making certain decisions. This procedure, the Special Consultative Procedure, is regarded as a minimum consultation process.

The Council must follow the Special Consultative Procedure before it:

  • adopts a Long Term Plan (LTP) or Annual Plan
  • amends a LTP
  • adopts, revokes, reviews or amends a bylaw
  • prescribes certain fees

The Council may be required to use the Special Consultative Procedure under other legislation, and it may also use this procedure in other circumstances if it wishes to do so.

Special Consultative Procedure consists of the following steps:

Step One: Preparation of a Statement of Proposal

The Council must prepare a description of the proposed decision or course of action. The Council may prepare a full and fair summary of the proposal. The statement of proposal and summary must be distributed as widely as the Council considers to be reasonably practicable. 

Step Two: Public Notice

The Council may publish a notice in one or more daily newspapers, or in other newspapers of equivalent circulation, of the proposal and of the consultation being undertaken and invite submissions.

Step Three: Receive Submissions

The Council must acknowledge all written submissions and offer submitters a reasonable opportunity to make an oral submission. 

Step Four: Hear Submissions

Council must set aside sufficient time to hear all those submitters who wish to speak to Council on their submission. The hearings must be open to the public.

Step Five: Deliberate in Public

These meetings where the Council considers the proposal must be open to the public (unless there is a reason to exclude the public under the LGOIMA). All submissions must be made available to the public unless there is reason to withhold a submission (or part of a submission) under LGOIMA.

Step Six: Follow Up

A copy of the decision and a summary of the reasons must be provided to submitters. There is no prescribed format for such a summary.  In addition to the Special Consultative Procedure, Council consults with the community in other ways, such as holding formal and informal meetings with community groups and other interested parties.

At these meetings the Council will seek views on the matters which the Council considers to be important and identify issues of concern to the community. Council's Significance and Engagement Policy also requires Council to consult if the matter is deemed to be significant under that policy or the Council decides that it should be treated as significant. All reports to Council address the issue of significance and give Council the opportunity to decide on this issue.

The policy is available on Council's website.

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Last Reviewed: 27/07/2016