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Easter trading

Mid-2016, Parliament passed a bill giving territorial authorities the power to create local policies that allow shop trading on Easter Sunday (amending the Shop Trading Hours Act Repeal Act 1990). This means it’s now up to councils and their communities to decide whether shops can open on Easter Sunday, by each developing their own Easter Trading Policy. 

Tauranga City Council will be looking at this issue in time for Easter 2018. This means that for Easter 2017, the existing legislation regarding the restrictions on trading applies, and that shops that are usually required to be closed will remain closed on Easter Sunday.

The types of shops that can trade on restricted trading days like Easter Sunday, and the conditions they need to comply with are listed on the Employment NZ website.

To prepare for Easter 2018, we will be starting to engage with the community on this topic this year. The process will include pre-engagement to get community views, followed by formal consultation if we subsequently decide to develop an Easter Trading Policy. The whole process would need to be completed, and the policy adopted, by mid-March next year.

Getting your views

We will be sending surveys with upcoming water invoices and online to gauge the community’s opinion on several topics. This will include asking you about Easter trading and what you believe Tauranga City Council should do: keep things as they are (no trading allowed on Easter Sunday), allow Easter Sunday trading in specific retail zones or allow it everywhere. This may be a few months away, likely from May to July. In the meantime, if you’d like to share your thoughts on Easter trading with us please send us an email on 

Last Reviewed: 01/03/2017