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Elder Housing

How do I apply?

Council provides application packs for Elder Housing which consists of an information booklet, application form and independent form.

If you require an application pack please phone us on  07 577 7000.

Application packs can also be picked up from Tauranga City Council Customer Services Centre at 91 Willow Street.

The packs are also available from Housing NZ, the Super office at WINZ in Durham Street in Tauranga, and from our Elder Housing Committee which are located in the Customer Service Centre from 9am to 11.30am Monday to Thursday.

Or, you can download a form from here:

Contact details are on the application form, or for more information, please contact Tauranga City Council’s Elder Housing Committee by phoning 07 577 7242.

What happens after applying?

  • You will be advised by Elder Housing whether your application has been approved or declined.
  • You will be contacted within 14 days from receipt of the approval letter to organise an interview with the Elder Housing Committee. 
  • Applications will be cancelled if the applicant/s cannot be located, therefore it is important to notify Tauranga City Council of any change of address

What if my Assets change?

If you acquire money for whatever reason, or your circumstances change, you are obliged to notify Tauranga City Council as soon as possible.

Last Reviewed: 14/02/2017