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Eligibility Criteria

Local government housing is available in Tauranga for the older person who meets the eligibility criteria.


  1. must be a New Zealand resident
  2. must be aged 65 years or over (in cases where a couple apply for an Elder Housing unit, it is only necessary for one person to meet the age criteria of 65 years or over.  Should the person aged 65 years or over no longer occupy the unit, their spouse/partner can continue to occupy the unit provided all other criteria are met)
  3. must be a recipient of New Zealand Superannuation, a New Zealand War Disablement Pension or New Zealand Veterans Pension
  4. assets held must not exceed the original asset limits set by Housing New Zealand applicable to the tenant's status e.g. single ($17,500) and couple ($20,000).  This includes any assets derived from being a beneficiary of a family trust.  These figures will be adjusted on an annual basis to accommodate inflation
  5. a tenant can earn up to $90 per week over and above their pension and remain eligible to be a tenant at one of our Elder Villages. This includes any income derived from being a beneficiary of a family trust. The exemption to this is tenants with special circumstances who are entitled to receive a government benefit (e.g. disability allowance) to compensate for costs associated with these special circumstances
  6. be able to demonstrate they can live independently (this can mean they can live independently with assistance from a support network)
  7. have a good tenant history.  The names of two referees must be supplied by the applicant who can comment on the applicant’s previous tenant history.  If this applicant has not been in a tenancy situation previously, the names of two character referees must be supplied.  If there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the applicant does not have a good tenant history, a credit check may be carried out by Council (after advising the applicant) and the right to occupy a unit may be declined
  8. fully complete the tenant application form

If more than one person is to occupy an Elder Housing unit (e.g. married, sharing), both persons must meet the above eligibility criteria (with the exception of 2 above).

Where ongoing vacancies exist, The Chief Executive has discretion to approve tenants who do not meet criteria 2 and/or 3 above, but meet the other criteria, provided they are 60 years of age or over.


Demand for Elder Housing is often in excess of the number of units available. Therefore, priority will be given in the following order to: 

  • applicants who are already living in the Western Bay of Plenty sub-region.
  • applicants who have family living in the Western Bay of Plenty sub-region.

Tauranga City Council and Elder Housing reserve the right to decline an application based on previous tenancy history.

For more information, please contact Tauranga City Council by phoning 07 577 7242.

Last Reviewed: 13/02/2017