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Contaminated Land

The Tauranga City Plan (Chapter 9: Hazardous Substances and Contaminated Land) has a specific section that deals with contaminated or possibly contaminated land.

Chapter 9 of the City Plan, “Purpose of the Contaminated Land Provisions”, shows that the Council has a duty under section 31 of the RMA to “control; any actual or potential effects of the use, or development, subdivision of potentially contaminated land”.

The purpose of this chapter of the plan is to ensure that the subdivision and development of potentially contaminated land (particularly as a result of its previous land-use activity) is investigated and appropriate remedial action is undertaken as required before its further use. This chapter of the plan also addresses the management of subdivision, use and development of known contaminated land.

When undertaking any change of use, development or subdivision, the provisions relating to the management of contaminated or potentially contaminated land identified in the City Plan should be closely reviewed. This may well result in a Resource Consent application being required.

In addition to the provisions of this Plan dealing with potentially and known contaminated land, the relevant rules and provisions of the Regional Water and Land Plan, administered by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council (BoPRC), are relevant, particularly for remediation and disturbance of contaminated land.

Once Tauranga City Council has been made aware of a site that is potentially contaminated as defined in the Ministry of the Environment HAIL (Hazardous Activities and Industries List) then the following procedures will be followed. 

  1. Information recorded on Council files.
  2. Bay of Plenty Regional Council is advised.
  3. Await site classification from BoPRC.
  4. Update records to reflect site classification

Chapter 9 of the City Plan

HAIL (Hazardous Activities and Industries List) 

Bay of Plenty Regional Council information about Contaminated Sites

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Last Reviewed: 28/03/2017