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P Labs

P labs and properties contaminated with methamphetamine

Clandestine drug laboratories 

If you wish to report a suspected Clandestine Drug Laboratory (Clan Lab) you should contact the NZ Police directly. 

Police notify Council of all Clan Labs discovered within the Tauranga and Western Bay areas.

As part of its statutory functions Council must ensure that the information provided by the Police is made available to any member of the public wishing to inspect a property file, or when an application is made to Council for a Land Information Memorandum.

Tauranga City Council has an obligation to ensure that all dwellings in the city are safe and sanitary for human habitation. Therefore it is necessary to ensure:

  • that the effects of any possible contamination are dealt with;
  • that the information that is placed on the building file has minimal effect on the property in the long term and;
  • that no one occupying the dwelling currently, or in the future, is at risk.

When a Clan lab has been identified Council requires the property owner to arrange for sampling and analysis to be undertaken by a certified laboratory to determine the level of contamination at the property.

Contamination should not exceed 0.5ug/100cm2 for buildings where the drug has been manufactured. Where it is confirmed that the level of contamination exceeds the Ministry of Health Guidelines, the property owner is required to have remedial work undertaken by a suitably qualified and experienced agency to decontaminate the site and provide a copy of a report of further sampling undertaken which shows that the property is no longer contaminated. 

A copy of the Police notification, the results of the initial sampling, details of cleaning and decontamination undertaken, and a copy of sampling results after the remedial work has been completed will be placed on the building file. 

For further information on Clandestine Drug Laboratories please contact: 

Environmental Health Officer
Tauranga City Council
Phone: 07 577 7000  

Properties contaminated by the use of methamphetamine

The recommended limits for methamphetamine contamination are:

  • 1.5ug/100cm2 for carpeted buildings where the drug has been used 
  • 2.0ug/100cm2 for non-carpeted buildings where the drug has been used 

New Standards are being developed relating to testing and remediation of properties contaminated by the manufacture or use of methamphetamine. While the New Zealand Standard has yet to be finalised, Tauranga City Council accepts the new levels recommended by the Ministry of Health.

For further information please refer to the Ministry website

Last Reviewed: 14/11/2016