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Uses - Past & Present

What was the valley used for in the past, and to the present day?

Kopurererua Valley was for many years inhabited by the people of Ngai Tamarawaho. Remains of pa and other archaeological sites are located throughout the valley. In terms of New Zealand history the valley is important.

During the mid 1800s it was the staging point and retreat path of two significant battles between Maori and British Colonial forces. 

Kopurererua Stream and Waihi Road circa 1920









More recently the valley has suffered major environmental degradation through farmland development.

Attempts have been made to drain the swampy valley floor and its streams have been altered, leaving a legacy of drainage canals and straightened water courses which carry silt and debris directly into Tauranga Harbour.

Nevertheless, flooding of the valley still occurs.

Flooding in K Valley

Last Reviewed: 11/04/2017