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Property Information

Property Sales and Subdivisions

If you have sold a property and a subsequent search of the rating database shows this has not been reflected, or if you have an invoice arrive in your name, it would indicate that a Notice of Sale has not been received by the Council. It is the responsibility of your Solicitor to ensure that Notice of Sale is issued. If this has not been done, you should contact him/her immediately.

Payment of this year’s rates is your responsibility, although you may be entitled to reimbursement (via the settlement) from the new owner for their period of occupation. 

If you have recently subdivided your property payment of the full year's rates in the original property is your responsibility. Your solicitor will calculate any reimbursement to you via the settlement. 

Rates are a charge on the land; therefore liability for the payment of arrears of rates transfers to the new owner of the property. If you have recently purchased this property and arrears appear on the rates notice, it is in your interest to ensure they are paid immediately. Please contact the previous owner or advise your solicitor.

Rating Database

Last Reviewed: 15/03/2017

Property Owner's Rights


Am I entitled to refuse to allow the inspectors onto my property?

Not without good reason. Council is empowered by the Local Government Act to carry out inspections. All Council staff and Contractors carry a "warrant ID" and must produce this when asked. Council will only enter a property when a possible issue has been identified. 

Who should I contact if I am dissatisfied?

Contact Council by writing, telephoning or emailing via the Council Website. Alternately visit one of our service centre. A CCM (service request) will be created to ensure we are able to track the progress and outcome.

My drains were like this when I bought the house. Isn't this the previous owner's responsibility?

No. The current owner is responsible. Unfortunately when buying a property you inherit any outstanding issues and non-compliances.

Council granted a building consent. Isn't this Council's responsibility?

No. In almost all cases the problem will have been created after the building consent was issued. For example, downpipes from the roof may have been illegally connected to the gully traps years after the house was occupied.

I am only a tenant. Do I have to do anything?

Council will have written to your Landlord. All you have to do is allow the inspectors onto the property. If you have any issues with this, you will need to speak to your Landlord.

Last Reviewed: 03/03/2017