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Commemorative Tree Scheme

This scheme is linked to the Growing Tauranga Green Vegetation Strategy and the Vegetation and Tree Management Policy.

People plant trees as memorials or to commemorate rites of passage or other major life events. The purpose of this statement is to provide guidance on the planting of commemorative trees as memorials and celebrations on Tauranga City Council land.

  • Trees are living, growing, renewing and majestic. As part of our global awareness of the environment, trees, particularly the urban forest, play a very significant role.
  •  A commemorative tree may be planted in memory of a loved one, to celebrate a marriage or birth, to honour a retiree, as a gift for a graduating student, or for any other special occasion.
  • The tree will be planted in an appropriate site, as chosen by the City Arborist. 

There are many places within the city that are appropriate for the planting of commemorative trees. Opportunities exist to plant trees as part of a revegetation or restoration programme in parks and gardens or in the establishment of parks and reserves. For a variety of reasons it may be less easy to accommodate a commemorative tree planting in mature parks and reserves.


Tauranga City Council welcomes requests to plant commemorative trees. Planting sites for individual trees will be offered only when there is a very high probability that the planted tree will remain undisturbed to old age but this cannot be guaranteed. Future management decisions regarding the use of the land or the management of the site as a whole will take priority over the protection of an individual tree.


Two suitable sites for the planting of commemorative sites have been identified, these site are:

Gate Pa Domain Recreation (adjacent to Watling St)
Papamoa Stormwater Reserve (between Opal Dr and Gordon Spratt Reserve)

The choices of tree species for these sites are as follows:

Gate Pa: Totara

Totara are nationally significant to all Iwi as they are the primary tree used for carving as well as being extensively used to build waka. Totara are noted for their great girth and longevity.

Papamoa: Kahikatea, Pukatea, Totara, Maire tawaki

Planting of Commemorative Trees

The planting of the commemorative trees will be carried out once or twice a year depending on demand.

Contributors of trees will be welcome to attend the planting days and assist with the planting of their tree, the date and time of the planting day will be advised to all donors.


Tauranga City Council will install panels at the entrance to each site with the names of those who have contributed trees listed.


The cost to contribute a tree to one of the commemorative tree sites will be $518.  This reflects the true cost to buy, transport and plant the tree as well as ongoing maintenance of the tree.

Any young commemorative tree purchased by Tauranga City Council which fails to become established in the first 5 years, for whatever reason will be replaced by Tauranga City Council.


Ideally the planting of the commemorative trees will take place in May or June each year to ensure the best possible survival rate of the trees.

Payment will be required to be received by 1 March (prior to planting) to ensure adequate time to source and transport the trees and to co-ordinate the planting day/s.Tauranga City Council may at its discretion accept late payments.

Contributor acknowledgment and acceptance of Commemorative Tree Scheme terms and conditions (19kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 05/07/2016