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Drivers reminded bus lanes aren’t for cars

Posted: 21 May 2018

People who drive along the bus lanes on Hewletts Road risk a $150 fine.

New bus lane to be installed along Turret Road

Posted: 16 May 2018

As part of a larger plan to help make bus trips more reliable between Welcome Bay and the city, a new bus lane will be installed from Hairini Street and along Turret Road. 

Traffic lights out at Totara St / Maui St intersection

Posted: 29 April 2018

We're asking people to take extra care driving along Totara Street over the next few days.

Do you support a one-way traffic trial along Pilot Bay?

Posted: 23 April 2018

A proposal to trial a one-way traffic system along Pilot Bay is being put to the community for feedback.

What’s going on with Welcome Bay traffic?

Posted: 05 March 2018

For the past few weeks we’ve been trying to understand exactly what’s causing the increasing delays on Welcome Bay Road.

More than 50 council staff buy electric bikes

Posted: 15 February 2018

In a bid to help encourage fewer single-occupant cars into the Tauranga city centre, Tauranga City Council has facilitated a deal with national e-bike distributor/retailer electrify.nz that has seen more than 50 council staff become the proud new owners of electric bikes.

Truck blocking a city-bound lane at Bethlehem roundabout

Posted: 11 January 2018

A quick traffic advisory for people travelling from Te Puna into Tauranga.

Transport survey asks ‘what sort of city do you want to live in?’

Posted: 25 September 2017

Residents in Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty are being asked for their thoughts about transport challenges that need to be addressed over the next 30 years.

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