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Alcohol fees

Use the calculator to work out how much you will pay for your alcohol licence. 

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 sets licensing fees for on, off, and club licences. The default fees vary depending on the ‘cost/risk rating’ of each premises. The default fees consist of:

  • an application fee, which licensees will have to pay when they apply for a new, renewed, or variation to a licence, and 
  • an annual fee, which must be paid by licensees each year .

A premises' cost/risk rating will be determined by a combination of factors including opening hours, type of premises, and whether they have had any enforcement issues. View the framework for determining cost/risk rating.

Framework for determining cost/risk rating (62kb pdf)

Alcohol licencing Charges
Website public notification of liquor application $153.00
Extract of any record or register $51.00
Inspections as a result of non-compliance with a requisition or formal instruction from a monitoring officer $137.07 per

Last Reviewed: 29/06/2018

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