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The Council's Bylaws are special laws that apply in the Tauranga area only.
The bylaws help the Council make sure the city runs smoothly. Examples of activities controlled under existing bylaws include dog ownership and liquor free zones in public places. 

Bylaws exist for the following reasons:

  1. to protect the public from nuisance 
  2. to protect, promote and maintain public health and safety 
  3. to minimise the potential for offensive behaviour in public places 
  4. if specifically required by legislation

Bylaws are enforced by Council staff such as Environmental Services Officers and Environmental Health Officers. Breaches of bylaws can result in prosecutions and Court-imposed fines, confiscations of equipment or orders to stop work.

The Council will always consult with the local community before adopting any new bylaw or reviewing an existing bylaw.

Last Reviewed: 23/01/2017