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Annual Plan 2013-2014

2013/2014 Annual Plan CoverThe Annual Plan was adopted by the Tauranga City Council on Thursday 27 June 2013.

Annual Plan 2013 - 2014 Document

Welcome and Introduction (98kb pdf)
Introduction to the document and includes a message from the Mayor and Councillors.

Our City (28kb pdf)
Information on Tauranga City including facts and general information about Tauranga.

Our Council (440kb pdf)
Information on Tauranga City Council including your elected members, organisational structure, committee structures, financial summary and some general useful information.

Major Focus (133kb pdf)
Information on all the known big issues that Tauranga City Council is facing and Council's approach to dealing with them.  This section also includes a proposed amendment to the Long-term Plan.

Guide to the Plan (46kb pdf)
Information on what is in the Annual Plan, what you can expect, and how to read certain sections.

Decision-Making Framework (140kb pdf)

Details the decision-making framework applied by Council, including the community outcomes.

Groups of Activities (500kb pdf)

Includes all of Council's Activities and for each Activity outlines performance measures and financial and asset management information. (An index to specific Activities can be found at the beginning of the Groups of Activities section).

Financials (238kb pdf)
Council's Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Financial Performance, Statement of Changes in Equity, Statement of Cashflows and Funding Impact Statement. It also includes Council's accounting policies and Funding Impact Statements for each activity. 

User Fees and Charges (117kb pdf)
Includes Council's  fees and charges for all activities.

Policies (70kb pdf)
Includes new and amended Policies that Council is consulting on through this Annual Plan process

Glossary (29kb pdf)
A glossary of terms relating to the Annual Plan document. 

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