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Activity Plans

Below are the Activity Area Plans for each activity group involved in the Annual Plan for 2014-2015. 

Airport (19kb pdf)

Animal Services (17kb pdf) 

Arts and Heritage (22kb pdf)

Asset & Infrastructure Planning (24kb pdf) 

Baycourt (24kb pdf)

Building Services (22kb pdf)

City Planning and Growth (23kb pdf)

Communication (28kb pdf)

Customer Services (17kb pdf)

Economic Development (23kb pdf)

Emergency Management and Safety (28kb pdf)

Environmental Compliance (23kb pdf)

Environmental Planning (22kb pdf)

Finance (22kb pdf)

Governance Services (21kb pdf)

Human Resources (21kb pdf)

Information and Technology (22kb pdf)

Legal and Risk Management (22kb pdf)

Libraries (23kb pdf)

Local Area Revitalisation (24kb pdf)

Property Management (25kb pdf)

Recreation and Facilities (22kb pdf)

Solid Waste (21kb pdf)

Stormwater (25kb pdf)

Strategic Planning and Relationships (22kb pdf)

Transportation (25kb pdf)

Wastewater (22kb pdf)

Water Supply (21kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 17/02/2017