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Deliberations on the proposed Long Term Plan 2015-2025

On June 2, 3 and 5, Elected Members reviewed the feedback received on each proposal for the Long Term Plan 2015-2025, and agreed on any changes to be made to the Plan. Topics were run through one by one, and we reported on decisions on this page as they came. The deliberations covered all the topics in the Consultation Document, along with other topics on which Council received submissions.



Maintaining existing infrastructure


Received Report DC146 [pages 45-75, 76-105, 106-143] and carried recommendations (b) to (i) and (n) and (o), agreeing on a "safety to persons" focussed level of service (Option A in the Consultation Document).
Three amendments were also carried:
(p) Approach BOPRC for a funding contribution through a submission to their 2016/17 Annual Plan.
(q) Provide data to identify catchments/streets that have experienced the most frequent flooding over the last 20 years to inform future capex decisions.
(r) Consider a targeted rate for the above “safety levels of service” through the 2016/17 Annual Plan.

Funding of Stormwater Activity 
(g) Confirmed $10.5 million annual funding for the first 3 years of the 2015-2025 Long Term Plan to progress toward stormwater alleviation and achievement of the approved level of service. 
(k) Confirmed the funding of the capital works programme to progress toward stormwater alleviation and achievement of the confirmed level of service from loans in accordance with the schedule below: 
Loan-funded: Year 1: $7.1m; Year 2: $8.2m; Year 3: $8.2m; Years 4-10: $6m p.a.
(I) Confirmed the funding of the completion of the 2D modelling programme from the rates levy in accordance with the schedule below: 
General rates levy funded: Year 1: $1.4m; Years 2-10: $0.3m p.a. 
(m) Confirmed the establishment of a stormwater reactive reserve fund through the 2015/25 Long Term Plan to provide for relief support to flood affected landowners following intense rainfall events that result in damage to buildings and property, with this reserve funded from the proposed stormwater levy (general rate funded), as below: 
Funding Amount from General Rates Levy to Reserve: Years 1 -10: $2M p.a.

Council Campus Buildings Received Report DC130, carried recommendation to confirm the building contingency fund of $2m included in the draft LTP and carried recommendation to initiate a new project utilising robust business case methodology to assess all the strategic issues and opportunities associated with the future of the campus buildings.
Tauranga Domain Athletics Track Received Report DC148 and resolved to:
(i) confirm funding of a maximum of $395,350 or 50% of the total project cost, whichever is the lesser, in 2017/18 towards the resurfacing costs of the artificial athletics track, subject to the Tauranga Millennium Track Trust securing the remainder of the funds required for the resurfacing
(ii) fully fund depreciation of the artificial athletics track at a cost of $60,000 per annum. Use the draft user fees and charges regime to formally consult through the 2016 Annual Plan process, with any charges to be implemented starting in the 2016/17 year.
Bay Venues + CCO Internal Submissions

Bay Venues: received Report DC163 and confirmed the transfer of nine properties to BVL as proposed in the draft LTP Consultation Document. Council also confirmed the responses to other BVL-related submissions as outlined in Attachment B of the report

CCO Internal submissions: received Report DC131 and resolved to: 
BVL operating grants: receive the internal submission on BVL Operating Grants and approve the setting of BVL’s operating grants budgets for the 2015/16 year at:
i. Operating grant $2,515,887
ii. Interest grant $520,000
iii. Depreciation charge $3,382,773 (not a grant, retained within TCC)
BVL capital programme: receive the internal submission on BVL Capital programme and approve an amended budgeted capital programme for 2015/16 as follows:
i. Renewal Capital $3,712,161
ii. New Capital $2,560,900
Blake Park: receive the internal submission on Blake Park sport fields and approve an additional $60,000 to relocate the cricket wicket and install sports field lighting.
Tourism BOP: receive the internal submission on Tourism BoP’s request for additional marketing funding and accept this request. The operational grant budget for Tourism BoP (for 2015/16) to increase the level of the Draft LTP to $915,000.

Historic Village Received Report DC158 and agreed to include the points raised by submitters in the consideration of options for the future of the Historic Village.
Tropical Display House Received Report DC145 and resolved to (i) develop a Reserve Management Plan for the Cliff Road area and (ii) retain the Tropical Display House and review on completion of the Reserve Management Plan.

Delivering efficient services to our community

Library stock Received Report DC162 and resolved to set the library stock funding at $1m for 2015/16 and reassess library stock levels (print and e-stock) following the completion of the Library Review (to be completed mid-year)
Mowing levels of service Received Report DC144 and carried recommendation to reinstate reserve mowing levels of service to prior levels
Property sales

Received Report DC181 and resolved:
95 Newton Street:
i. to undertake further analysis as to whether some of the land is required for event purposes;
ii. with regard to that part of the land considered surplus to requirement, to identify persons to whom the land should be offered back to;
iii. if no offer-back requirements exist, to proceed to commence the consultation process to dispose of the property at 95 Newton Street, Mt Maunganui;
    - progress discussions with the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) with respect to the acquisition of the strip of land to the rear of 95 Newton Street to enable the whole of 95 Newton Street to be considered for disposal as one parcel; and
    - in conjunction with other open space land, undertake a strategic review and propose any relevant plan changes for parcels of land that ought be re-zoned prior to sale.

Property land sale plan: to approve the property land sales plan with budgeted revenue of $27.7m over the LTP period and note that where appropriate, strategic reviews and plan changes will be undertaken.

Bay Oval Received Report DC147, carried recommendation to include $62,500 per annum OPEX for maintenance of the Bay Oval training facility, and agreed to work with Bay Oval Trust, Sport Bay of Plenty and other external stakeholders to develop a business case for stadium floodlights for consideration through the 2016/17 Annual Plan process.
Sport and Recreation Response to Submissions  Received Report DC149 and carried the following motions:
i. to fund Mount Maunganui Surf Life Saving Club a grant of 50% to a maximum of $200,000 of the project costs to renew the Life Guard Tower ($65,000) and upgrade the emergency/first aid room ($135,000) in 2016. Council recognises that costings as a result of the final building consent process may adjust the grant to below $200,000.
ii. to work with Sport Bay of Plenty (in conjunction with Tauranga Hockey Association) to develop a business case for development of the third turf for consideration. 
iii. to fund a grant of $53,000 for like-with-like replacement costs of the Mt Maunganui Cricket Club nets at Blake Park in 2016.
iv. to work with Arataki Sports Club and Bay Venues Ltd on opportunities for further access to the Arataki Community Centre.
v. to consider future investment in age-friendly fitness equipment through future Annual Plan process following construction of Kulim Park elder gym.
Parks and Reserves Response to Submissions  Received Report DC150 and resolved:
(i) not to fund play equipment on Mauao
(ii) to seek a staff report on how to facilitate a drinking fountain installation programme.
(iii) to approve request for establishment of a splash pad at Yatton Park subject to 100% external capital funding and design approval from Council. 
(iv) to seek a staff report to provide further information on the request for a fenced dog park.
(v) to fund Kopurererua Development as per the Draft LTP of $200,000 in year 1 and $100,000 per annum thereafter. 
(vi) that Council staff work with Thorne group to investigate opportunities for reserve redevelopment, subject to hydrology modelling by the Thorne group, and consider financial impact through the 2016/17 Annual Plan process. 
(vii) not to re-prioritise $811,000 from 2025 to 2016 for Memorial Park footpath widening and renewal, for reconsideration in the 2016/17 Annual Plan process.
(viii) to collaborate with key stakeholders and NZTA to identify development opportunities and issues for SH29/Matapihi Ski-lane access for consideration during the 2016/17 Annual Plan process
(ix) to bring forward the $138,000 project for the Bayfair Reserve toilets to 2016/17 to be expended only if it can be procured for less than $120,000
Tauranga heritage submissions Received Report DC132 and approved a $150,000 per annum grant commencing 2015/16 to The Elms Foundation to ensure ongoing protection and operation of this significant heritage site. During 2015/16, resolved to work with The Elms Foundation to identify options for achieving ongoing sustainability with particular regard to operational costs and funding.
Also resolved to decline to allocate a $40,000 budget in 2015/16 for Council to undertake a community survey to assist in identifying the community’s views on development of a museum in Tauranga.
Community Development Received Report DC160 and resolved to:
(i) Present required actions and costs of a feasibility study to investigate drainage improvement options for Owens Park to Council as part of the 16/17 Annual Plan. 
(ii) Decline ARRC's $35,000pa funding request to support the Community Cat Project and decline proposed changes to charging and operations approach. Work with BOPRC to identify opportunities to address the stray cat issue and report back to Council 
(iii) Decline $10,000 funding request to support the Opus Orchestra. 
(iv) Review funding requirements for the Age Friendly City Strategy and Disability Strategy to present any additional budget requirements to Council as part of the 16/17 Annual Plan. 
(v) Include consideration of a Policy on Access and Inclusion in the September 2015 Policy Prioritisation. 
(vi) Complete a feasibility study for a unisex toilet at Baycourt Theatre during the 2015/16 financial year. 
(vii) Present a proposed Youth Engagement Plan during 2015/16 to Council for consideration.
Wairakei Community Centre Submission Received Report DC142 and carried recommendation to consider options for the provision of land for a community centre in the Papamoa East area through the planning of Te Tumu
Tangata Whenua Submissions Received Report DC155 and resolved to (a) provide a $11,220.00 pa increase in the Long Term Plan for the Tangata Whenua Collective (TWC) budget; (b) provide $18,000 for the development of Iwi/Hapu Management Plans for the 2015/2016 financial year; (c) support the 2016 National Maori Housing Conference through in-kind staff support and (d) decline the request to extend the TWC contract to 6 years.
Tsunami evacuation routes  Received Report DC173 and confirmed implementation of the current Proposed Long Term Plan tsunami infrastructure budget (Option 1) along with the implementation of “Additional Measures” presented as Option 2 in this report. Additional measures include updrade of three bridges and improvements to evacuation routes.
Parking Pricing

Received Report DC136 and carried the motion to adopt in the LTP the following: i) on-street parking charges apply Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm and Saturdays 9am to 1pm; ii) "early bird" rate in parking buildings at $9 per day in Spring Street and $7 per day in Elizabeth Street and iii) all day charge of $5.50 in off-street parking areas (TV3, Durham St, Harrington St, Strand Northern)

Providing for our growing city

Parking Building Received Report DC133 and resolved to confirm overall funding of $29m in the adopted Long Term Plan for the provision of additional off-street city centre parking stock.
Walkways/cycleways Received Report DC164 and resolved to:
i) allocate $400,000 to fund a share of the Omokoroa to Tauranga Cycle Trail. Total cost $1.5M in year 2 of the LTP. 
ii) retain the funding proposed in the draft LTP to complete the urban cycle network (routes A-J). Total cost $1.2M of which a significant portion could be externally funded. 
iii) bring forward the timing of urban cycle network projects if they attract 100% external funding to years 1-3 of the LTP. 
iv) retain the funding proposed in the draft LTP for pedestrian / cycle overbridges on Route K and at Tauriko. Total cost $3M of which $2.16M is development contribution funding. The balance is likely to attract significant external funding. 
v) allocate $40,000 of CAPEX for investigation and review of the Waimapu Pathway in year 2 of the LTP to enable a review as part of the 2018-28 LTP. 
vi) allocate $30,000 of CAPEX for investigation of a new walkway / cycleway from Memorial Park to The Strand in year 1 of the LTP to enable a review as part of the 2016-17 Annual Plan.
vii) investigate whether can make bells compulsory for cyclists
Parau Farms Development Received Report DC105 and confirmed the budgeted amount of $12,176,400 plus additional funding of $619,612 in the adopted Long Term Plan 2015-2025 for land purchase and development of a new active reserve for sportsfields at Parau Farms, Bethlehem.
Future Active Reserve Submissions Received Report DC140 and resolve to:
(i) continue to evaluate options for future use of land no longer required for sportsfields being Smith Farms (Bethlehem), Merricks Farm (Pyes Pa), Ohauiti Reserve (Ohauiti) and lower part of Parau Farms (Bethlehem), and confirm the provisional sum of $10 million over Years 2 and 3 of the adopted 2015-2025 Long Term Plan for asset realisation of these areas.  
(ii) confirm the $4.5 million project in 2018/19 of the adopted 2015-2025 Long Term Plan for purchase of land in the Te Tumu growth area for future active reserve.
(iii) confirm the $10 million project in 2028/29 of Council’s budget system for development of the future active reserve in the Te Tumu growth area.
Papamoa Transport Received Report DC166 and resolved to retain existing budgets and timing for transportation projects in the Papamoa area as per the proposed Long Term Plan 2015-2025.
Response to infrastructure submissions Received Report DC178 and approved all staff recommendations as set out in Attachment A of the report, on transportation and wastewater.

Investing in Tauranga’s future

City Centre Received Report DC157 and resolved to include $8m in the first five years of the Long Term Plan 2015-2025 for City Centre and Waterfront development, noting that allocation of resources will be undertaken in accordance with the prioritisation criteria in the February 2015 Council Long Term Plan 2015-2025 resolutions, and to include the Memorial Park to The Strand walkway in any considerations.
Major Events Fund Received Report DC179 and resolved to incrementally increase the Major Events Fund from $325,000 to $950,000 per year by year 6 of the LTP. Total investment: $7.725m over 10 years.
Economic Development Received Report DC174 and confirmed that $107,241 will be added to the Economic Development budget from 2015-16 to be secured through an increase to the targeted rate on commercial premises. Also confirmed increases to account for inflation only from 2016-17, noting that funding for 2016-17 onwards will be revisited through the review of economic development in 2015.
Sustainability Received Report DC143 and resolved to:
(i) decline the request to reinstate the Eco Design Advisor Service and support the market to fulfil this need
(ii) investigate further options around protecting the natural environment and responding to Climate Change to make some more informed decisions in the 16/17 Annual Plan. Actions to include:
• Review carbon management approaches in other cities
• Consider the benefits and costs of a greenhouse gas inventory for Council or Tauranga City and bring a detailed paper back to Council
(iii) participate alongside other Councils to develop a Climate Change Declaration to support the Crown's negotiations in Paris (COP 21) this December 2015.
(iv) fund the Enviro-Challenge Programme ($14k per annum, trial for two years, 2015 - 2017)


Financial overview Received financial overview
Options for Capital expenditure savings from the 2015-25 Draft LTP Received Report DC125 and agreed to Option 1 of staff recommendations for savings in Parks and Recreation, Wastewater and Water Supply Activities (Table 1 Attachment A)
Internal submissions to the 2015-25 LTP Received Report DC124 and agreed to the proposed internal submissions (attachment A)


Rates Remission Received Report DC120 and adopted the Rates Remission Policy as consulted on with amendment of section 4.8 on wastewater rates remissions for schools as outlined in Attachment B.
Also resolved to review the uptake and impact of the provision for remission in relation to earthquake strengthening in the CBD and consider whether to extend this provision to a wider area of commercial/industrial buildings in the 2016/17 Annual Plan.
Revenue and Financing Received Report DC119 and adopted the Revenue and Financing Policy as consulted on as part of the 2015-25 Long Term Plan Consultation Document.
2015/16 Development Contributions Policy – Internal and External Submissions on Draft Policy Received Report DC137 and resolved:
(i) to approve the responses to submissions received on policy issues in relation to the draft 2015/16 Development Contributions Policy as set out in Attachment B;
(ii) to approve the responses to submissions received on project and financial issues in relation to the draft 2015/16 Development Contributions Policy as set out in Attachment C;
(iii) to approve the internal submissions to the draft 2015/16 Development Contributions Policy as set out in Attachment D;
(iv) to approve the proposed changes to the 2015/16 Development Contributions Policy as discussed in paragraphs 23 and 24 of the body of the report; and 
(v) that the General Manager: Strategy is delegated responsibility to rectify any minor errors or omissions (if any) that are identified in the 2015/16 Development Council’s Contribution Policy prior to its final adoption.
Policy Review Submissions Received Report DC172 and resolved to consider a review of the Smokefree Places Policy during the September policy prioritisation process, to consider the inclusion of beaches, urban shopping centres, the central business district, and alfresco dining areas; and to consider a review of the Significance and Engagement Policy during the September policy prioritisation process.


Strategic Direction Received Report DC186 noting the community feedback on the overarching aims and the strategic lessons learnt from this Long Term Plan process.
Submissions process overview  Received Report DC151 and attachments including late submissions
Performance Measures Submissions Received Report DC139 and agreed to include two additional performance measures regarding Council’s Emergency Operations Centre staff and their training in the adopted 2015-2025 Long Term Plan:
i. Percentage of roles that have been identified and staffed for 24 hour operation of the Emergency Operations Centre; and
ii. Percentage of these staff that are trained to an appropriate level agreed by the Civil Defence Emergency Management Group.
Investment in People and Expertise Received Report DC180 and resolved that the City Vision Committee consider the development of a Living Wage Policy at its next policy prioritisation meeting.
Revocation of State Highway 2A Resolved that the Council:
a) request that NZTA provide all documentation that forms the evidence of consultation to its Chief Executive (to satisfy s103(8) of the Land Transport Management Act 2003) in making his decision to revoke State Highway status of SH2A; including the dates that such consultation is said to have occurred.
b) subject to Clause (a), request that NZTA consider retaining SH2A as a State Highway for the purposes of providing a convenient and robust route for freight and connecting communities.

NB the topics are not listed in order of discussion

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