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Ten Year Plan 2006-2016

Part A - Ten Year Plan 2006 - 2016

Welcome (271kb pdf)
Introduction to the document and includes a message from the Mayor, Councillors and Chief Executive. 

Our City (3mb pdf)
Includes information on Tauranga City including facts and general information about Tauranga. 

Our Council (2mb pdf)
Includes information on Tauranga City Council including your elected members, organisational structure, committee structures, financial summary and some general useful information. 

Major Focus (2.7mb pdf)
Includes information on all the known big issues that Tauranga City Council is facing and Council's approach to dealing with them. 

Major Projects - Issues and Options (372kb pdf)
Outlines information including issues and options for public consideration and comment on the Major Projects. Also includes information on major projects the Council has already committed to. 

Guide to the Plan (436kb pdf)
Includes information on what is in the Ten Year Plan, what you can expect, and how to read certain sections. 

Planning & Working Together  (2.8mb pdf)
Outlines Council's commitment to certain stakeholders in the City as well as information on all Council Organisations and Council Controlled Organisations. 

Community Outcomes (400kb pdf)
Includes the community outcomes that the people of Tauranga developed through the Tauranga Tomorrow process. It also outlines what this means to future planning and decision making for the Council. 

Significant Assumptions  (373kb pdf)
Includes the assumptions the Council has made that underpin the projected financial and non-financial plans in this document.

Groups of Activities
Includes all of Council's Activities and for each Activity outlines the future direction and actions, contribution to community outcomes, performance measures and financial and asset management information. (An index to specific Activities can be found at the beginning of the Groups of Activities section).

Financials (1.7mb pdf)
Includes Council's Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Financial Performance, Statement of Changes in Equity, Statement of Cashflows and Funding Impact Statement. It also includes Council's accounting policies and Audit Report  

User Fees and Charges (467kb pdf) 
Includes Council's proposed changes to fees and charges for all relevant activities.  

Policies (490kb pdf)
Includes copies of Council's funding and financial policies as well as Council's significance policy, all currently out for draft 

Waste Management Plan & Water & Sanitary Services Assessment Summaries (292kb pdf)
Includes summaries of Council's Waste Management Plan and Council's Water and Sanitary Services Assessment  

Glossary (272kb pdf)
Includes a glossary of terms relating to the Ten Year Plan document.

Part B - Development Contributions Policy

Includes Council's updated Development Contributions Policy.

Contents and Policy  (1.5mb pdf)

Part 1 - Circumstances when Development Contributions are Required (1.6mb pdf) 

Part 2 - City Wide Network Infrastructure (1.6mb pdf) 

Part 3 - Reserves and Community Infrastructure (1.6mb pdf) 

Part 4 - Local Infrastructure (1.4mb pdf)

Part 4 - Roading (1.5mb pdf)

Part 4 - Stormwater  (1.6mb pdf)

Part 4 - Structure Plans (8.9mb pdf) 

Part 4 - Wastewater (1.6mb pdf)

Part 4 - Water  (1.5mb pdf)

Part 5 - Funding Allocation (1.4mb pdf) 

Part 6 - Units of Demand (1.0mb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 11/04/2017