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Ten Year Plan 2012-2022

Ten Year Plan Submissions

At its meeting on 26 June 2012, Tauranga City Council adopted its Ten Year Plan 2012-2022 and its Development Contributions Policy.

As required by the Local Government Act 2002, the Content section  has been audited by the Office of the Auditor General.  Please see the Audit NZ Opinion (182kb pdf) for more information.

Please note since the adoption of the 2012-22 Long Term Plan there has been an amendment in relation to the Revenue and Financing Policy, which was audited by the Office of the Auditor General (statement attachment 28kb pdf).  For a copy of the Revenue and Financing Policy 2014, please refer to the 2014/15 Annual Plan or to the Policies section on this website.   

Mayor Stuart Crosby

Welcome and Introduction

Introduction to the document and includes a message from the Mayor and Councillors.

Welcome Introduction (625kb pdf)

Image of Children

Major Focus

Information on all the known big issues the Council is facing and its approach to dealing with them. Outlines information on the major projects for Tauranga City over the next 10 years and also includes the Council's financial strategy.

 Major Focus (318kb pdf).

Image of Pilot Bay

Our City

Information on Tauranga City including facts and general information about Tauranga.

 Our City (93kb pdf).

Council Building

Our Council

Information on Tauranga City Council including your elected members, organisational structure, committee structures, financial summary and some general useful information.

 Our Council (1.5mb pdf).

stormwater pipes

Guide to Plan

Information on what is the Ten Year Plan is, what you can expect and how to read certain sections.

Guide to Plan (300kb pdf).

 Maori Carving

Planning and Working Together

Outlines the Council's commitment to certain stakeholders in the City as well as information on all Council Organisations and Council Controlled Organisations.

Planning and Working Together (178kb pdf).

Harbour view toward the Mount

Decision Making Framework

Details the decision-making framework applied by the Council, including the community outcomes.

Decision Making Framework (261kb pdf).
Road image

Significant Assumptions

Details the assumptions the Council has made that underpin the projected financial and non-financial plans in this document.

Significant Assumptions (193kb pdf).

Tap with Running Water

Group of Activities

Includes all of the Council’s activities and for each activity outlines the future direction and actions, contribution to community outcomes, performance measures and financial and asset management information.

Mclarens Falls


The Council’s Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Financial Performance, Statement of Changes in Equity, Statement of Cashflows and Funding Impact Statement.  It also includes the Council’s accounting policies, Funding Impact Statements for each activity and the Audit Opinion.

Financials (2.2mb pdf)

Boats at Tauranga Marina

User Fees and Charges

Includes the Council’s fees and charges for all activities. 

User Fees and Charges (582kb pdf).

 Meeting Room Image


Council’s Revenue and Financing Policy and Significance Policy together with the Water and Sanitary Assessments.'

Policies (550kb pdf)

Image of Pohutakawa Beach


A glossary of terms relating to the Ten Year Plan document.

Glossaries (126kb pdf)

Activity Area Plans

Below are the Activity Area Plans for each activity group involved in the Ten Year Plan 2012-2022.

These documents have not been subject to an audit opinion and are supplementary documents to the Ten Year Plan 2012-2022.

Last Reviewed: 19/04/2017