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Historical Codes of Practice

Code of Practice 2006 |  Code of Practice 2002

This page contains information on the Code of Practice 2006 and Code of Practice 2002.  The IDC supersedes both codes but there are still a number of consents issued under the older codes.

Code of Practice 2006

Sections and drawings updated May 2007.  

Contents (27kb pdf)

Section 1

IDCSection 1 - General Provisions  (89kb pdf)

I1-1 | I1-2 | I1-3  Roading & Transportation Standards
I2-1 | I2-2 | I2-3 | I2-4  Construction Monitoring Service

All Drawings Section 1 (647kb pdf)

Section 2

Section 2 - Development Works Management Provisions (75kb pdf)

C1 Subdivision Consent Process
C2 s224 (c) Process
C3 Development Plan Process
C4 Procedure to Amend Approved Development Plans
C5 224 Lodgement Checklist
C6 Consent Holder's Representative (Design Statement)
C7 Consent Holder's Representative (Producer Statement)
I3 Relativity of Datum Levels
I4 Draughting Symbols
I5 As Built Dimensioning
I6 Benchmark
I7 Benchmark Record
I8 GST Requirements / Asset Register / Schedule of Engineering / Landscape Value

All Drawings Section 2  (1mb pdf)

Section 3

Section 3 - Geotechnical Matters & Natural Land Hazards  (86kb pdf)

G1 Suitability of Land for Subdivision
G2 Suitability of Land for Building Development
G2a Lot Summary Report
G3 Logic for site investigation of subdivisions
G4 Checklist for Geotechnical Reporting

All Drawings Section 3 (333kb pdf)

Section 4

Land DevelopmentSection 4 - Transportation and Roading (127kb pdf)

R0 Road Hierarchy
R1 Minimum Access Criteria
R2 Standard Service Locations
R3 Variation of Carriageway Location
R4 Turning Areas
R5 Flow Chart of Design of Bitumen Surface Pavements
R6 Kerb and Channel
R7 Dished Channel
R8 Kerb and Nib for Traffic island
R9 Recessed Sump
R10 Alternative Sump (Special Approval Only)
R11 Sump Grating and Frame
R12 Vehicle Crossing
R13 Vehicular Crossing Profiles
R14-1 Pram / Wheelchair Crossing
R14-2 Pedestrian and Cycleway Cutdown
R15 Interlocking Paving Blocks
R16 Pedestrian / Cycleway Accessways
R17 Residential Private Ways
R18 Rural Private Ways where there is no Kerb and Channel
R19 Entrance Way Rural / Residential
R20 Entrance Way - Horticultural and Small Pastoral Lots (Less Than 10ha)
R21 Entrance Way - Industrial and Large Pastoral Entrances for Commercial Lots
R22 Typical Tee Intersection Details
R23 Markings for Right Turn Bays - Urban (Option A)
R24 Markings for Right Turn Bays - (Option B)
R25 Markings for Right Turn Bays - (Rural)
R26 Markings for Standard Give Way
R27 Parking Dimensions
R28 90% Car Swept Path Design
R29 Minimum Truck Swept Path Design
R30 Pedestrian Cycle Pathway Specification
R31-1 Wairakei Cross Section Arterial
R31-2 Wairakei Cross Section Main Street
R31-3 Wairakei Cross Section Avenue
R31-4 Wairakei Cross Section Boulevard
R31-5 Wairakei Cross Section Street
R31-6 Wairakei Cross Section Drive
R31-7 Wairakei Cross Section Road
R31-8 Wairakei Cross Section Pedestrian
R31-9 Wairakei Cross Section Alley / Lane
R32 Trench Reinstatement in Carriageway
R33-1 Certification of Subdivision Construction
R33-2 Certification of Subdivision Construction

All Drawings Section 4 (4mb pdf)

Section 5

Section 5 - Stormwater (70kb pdf)

D1-1 Tauranga Design Rainfall Depth Duration Frequency
D1-2 Tauranga Rainfall Intensity Curves
D2 Stormwater Connection and Ramped Riser
D2a Kerb Connection (where approved)
D3 Stormwater Connections for Pipe Depth Grater Than 2.5m
D4 Stormwater Manhole
D5 Shallow Manhole
D6 Manhole C1 Entry Fixing Details
D7 Precast 1050 Dia. Manhole Lid
D8 Standard Manhole cover and Frame
D9 Light Manhole Cover and Frame
D10 Heavy Duty Non-Rock Type Manhole Cover & Frame
D11 Manhole Steps / Steps
D12 Safety Platforms for Manholes Greater Than 5m Deep
D13 Bedding Details
D14 No Dig Technology
D15 Anti-Scour Bulk Head
D17 Yard Sump
D18 Inlet and Outlet Structures
D19 Stormwater Certificate of Subdivsion Construction

All Drawings Section 5 (1.1mb pdf)

Section 6

Section 6 - Water Supply (215kb pdf)

W1 Standard Service Locations
W2 Water Main Location at Intersections
W3 Main to Main Connections
W4 Hydrant and Sluice Valve Surround
W5 Hydrant Suround Blocks
W6 Hydrant Box
W7 Typical Valve Box
W8 Hydrant and Valve Marker Post
W9 Single Ordinary Service Connection
W10 Water Service Connection Ordinary 20mm Manifold Connection
W11 Water Service Connection - Multiple 20mm Manifold Connection
W12 Water Service Connection - Ordinary 20mm Manifold Connection
W13 Water Service Connection 20mm Connection Requiring Double Check Valve
W14 Water Service Connection 20mm Connection Required RPZ Connection
W15 Water Service Connection 25 or 40mm Meter Installation with Double Check Valve
W16 Water Service Connection 25 - 40mm Meter Installation with RPZ
W17 Water Service Connection 50mm Combination Meter Installation with Double Check Valve
W18 Water Service Connection Combination Meter Installation with RPZ no Bypass Option
W19 Water Service Connection Combination Meter Installation with RPZ and Bypass Option
W20 Water Meter Installation Fire System Connection with Potable Supply
W21 Water Main Support Asbestos Cement (AC)
W23 Conceptual Hydraulic Operation of a Gravity Main
W24 Looped and Linked Principle Mains
W25 Branch Valves and Hydrant Combinations
W26 Secure Connection
W27 Water meter Installation Point of Supply Location
W28 Water meter Installation Point of Supply Location
W29 Water Meter Installation Details - Sheet 1
W30 Water Certification of Subdivision Construction

All Drawings Section 6 (3.5mb pdf)

Section 7

Site VisitsSection 7 - Wastewater (255kb pdf)


WW01 Wastewater Manholes Standard Notes
WW02 Wastewater Manhole Standard Details
WW03 Wastewater Manhole External Drop
WW04 Wastewater Manhole Internal Drop
WW05 Wastewater Manhole Standard Details
WW06 Manhole Access Details
WW07 Manhole Access Details
WW08 Rodding Eye for Deep Drain
WW09 Rodding Eye for Shallow Drain
WW10 Property Connections Standard Details
WW11 Property Connections Standard Details
WW12 Property Connections Standard Details
WW13 Property Connections Standard Details
WW14 Saddle Connection on Existing Sewer
WW15 Building Near Public Sewers
WW16 Typical Retaining Wall Restrictions
WW17 Wastewater Certification of Subdivision Construction
WW18 Bulkheads and Trenchstop Standard Details

WW Fig1 | WW Fig2 | WW Fig3 | WW Fig4 | WW Fig5 | WW Fig5A | WW Fig6-7

All Drawings Section 7 (1.5mb pdf)

Section 8

Section 8 - Parks and Reserves (72kb pdf)


L1 Recommended Street Tree Placement
L1a Standard Service Locations
L2 Sight Distances
L3-1 Plant Species List for Tauranga
L3-2 Plant Species List for Mount, Papamoa, Welcome Bay
L3-3 Plant Species List for the Tauranga area
L4 Inappropriate Street Tree and Plant Species List
L5 Garden Edging
L6 Juvenile Tree Planting and Mulchable Area
L7 Recommended Tree Tie Configuration
L8 Landscape Certification of Subdivision Construction
L8a Landscape Certification Maintenance Release Request
L9 Post and Rail Fence Specification
L10 Bollard Type Specifications
L11 Fencing for Reserves and Accessways to be vested

All Drawings Section 8 (870kb pdf)

Section 9

Section 9 - Rural & Rural Residential (33kb pdf)

Section 10

Section 10 - Road Occupancy (252kb pdf)

T1 Sawcutting Details 


List of Appendices (12kb pdf)

Appendix A: Digital Data Transfer Standard (317kb pdf)

Appendix B: Best Practice Guide for Neighbourood Reserves (819kb pdf)

Appendix C: Stormwater and Wastewater Construction Specification (37kb pdf)

Appendix D: Guidelines for Disposal of Stormwater by Ground Soakage (27kb pdf)

Appendix E: Wastewater Pump Stations and Rising Mains (164kb pdf)

PS01 Wastewater Pumping Station Typical Site Layout
PS02 Wastewater Pumping Station Elevation Section
PS03 Wastewater Pumping Station Plan Section
PS04 Pump Station Details
PS05 Pump Station Details
PS06 Pump Station Details
PS07 Details of Cover Slab
PS08 Pump Station Frame Details
PS09 Pump Station Chamber Lid Details
PS10 Pump Station Chamber Lid Details
PS11 Pump station 25mm Water Service Connection
PS12 Alternative Rising Main Entry to Receiving Manhole

Electrical Drawings:

PS000-537-001SHT1 | PS000-537-001SHT2 | PS000-537-002SHT1 | PS000-537-002SHT2 

PS000-537-003SHT1 | PS000-537-003SHT2 | PS000-537-004SHT1 | PS000-537-004SHT2

Appendix F: Safe Working in a Confined Space (17kb pdf)

Appendix G: Geotechnical Engineering (418kb pdf)

Glossary & Abbreviations (35kb pdf)

Code Issues and Future Suggestions (22kb pdf)

Document Control (32kb pdf)

Erratums (none as yet)

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Code of Practice for Development 2002


Document Control (25kb pdf)
Schedule of Amendments (30kb pdf)
Drawings Index (22kb pdf)


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