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Key IDC Contacts


For general IDC management questions, content queries, feedback and advice regarding the Approved Materials process, please contact:

Che Hedges

Ché Hedges
Infrastructure Engineer

General Content and Subdivision

For general IDC advice please contact a Council Development Engineer on 07 577 7000
For subdivision related questions, please contact the assigned Council Development Engineer for your project.

Council Capital Works Projects

For Capital Works related questions, please contact the assigned Council Project Manager for the project on 07 577 7000.

Asset Specific Queries

For IDC questions relating to a specific asset type please contact:

Parks and Recreation

Phill Bishop-Everett Phil Lodge
(Parks Structures)
Phill Bishop-Everett
Team Leader: Parks Maintenance
(Green Assets)
Phill Lodge
Parks Asset Co-ordinator / Arborist

Stormwater and Wastewater

Phil Bourke  

Phil Bourke
Drainage Operations Engineer


Wastewater Treatment Plant

Peter Gohns  

Peter Gohns
Operations Supervisor Wastewater



Paul Hanson Martin Parkes
Phil Consedine
Team Leader: Network Operations
Paul Hanson
Senior Roading Engineer

Water Supply

Barry Sarjeant Peter Bahrs

Barry Sarjeant
Water Engineer: Network Services

Peter Bahrs
Team Leader: Water Services

Last Reviewed: 08/02/2017