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Printable IDC

General, Infrastructure Development Processes, Business and Process Diagrams, Design Standards, Construction Standards, Approved Materials, Standard Drawings, Quality Assurance Requirements, Standard Checklists and Certification Forms, Miscellaneous Documents.


Combined General Section (460kb pdf)  
GEN-1 Introduction (222 kb pdf)  
GEN-2 Strategic Alignment (233kb pdf)  
GEN-3 Levels of Service (217kb pdf)  
GEN-4 Definitions (318kb pdf)  
GEN-5 Document Control and Management (234kb pdf)

Infrastructure Development Processes 

ID-1 Infrastructure Development Processes (274kb pdf)

Business and Process Diagrams

Combined Business and Process Diagrams Section (604kb pdf)
PD-1 Subdivision Consent Process (Under Construction)  
PD-2 s224(c) Process (Under Construction)  
PD-3 Development Works Approval Process (272kb pdf)
PD-4 Procedure to Amend Development Works (276kb pdf)

Design Standards

Combined Design Standards Section (1.61mb pdf) 
DS-1 General Provisions (901kb pdf)  
DS-2 Streetscape (282kb pdf)  
DS-3 Reserves (272kb pdf)  
DS-4 Transportation Network (792kb pdf)  
DS-5 Stormwater (583kb pdf)  
DS-6 Wastewater (366kb pdf)  
DS-7 Water Supply (525kb pdf)  
DS-8 Public Lighting (247kb pdf)  
DS-9 Network Utilities (226kb pdf)  
DS-10 Natural Hazards and Earthworks (344kb pdf) 
DS-11 Road Zone Occupancy (290kb pdf)  

Construction Standards

 Combined Construction Standards Section  (769kb pdf)
CS-1 General (228 pdf)  
CS-2 Site Clearance (156kb pdf)  
CS-3 Earthworks (222kb pdf)  
CS-4 Excavation (222kb pdf)  
CS-5 Excavation in Trench (157kb pdf)
CS-6 Fill (229kb pdf)
CS-7 Bedding and Backfill( 157kb pdf)  
CS-8 Subsoil Drainage for Earthworks and Roads ( 157kb pdf)
CS-9 Pipework (220kb pdf)  
CS-10 Pipe Fittings (214kb pdf) 
CS-11 Manholes and Roddings Eyes (213kb pdf) 
CS-12 Sumps (158kb pdf)  
CS-13 Trenchless Technology (223kb pdf)  
CS-14 Road Ripping (212kb pdf)  
CS-15 Road Pavement Layers (229kb pdf)  
CS-16 Kerb and Channel (213 kb pdf)  
CS-17 Concrete Work (224kb pdf)  
CS-18 Carriageway Surfacing (213kb pdf)  
CS-19 Roadmarking (158kb pdf)  
CS-20 Berm Features (224kb pdf)  
CS-21 Street Structures (229kb pdf)  
CS-22 Road Maintenance (211kb pdf)  
CS-23 Grassing and Turfing (225kb pdf)  
CS-24 Vegetation Planting and Gardens (240kb pdf)
CS-25 Reinstatement (159kb pdf)  

Approved Materials

Combined Approved Materials Section (796kb pdf)
AM-1 General Provisions (265kb pdf)  
AM-CBD Central Business District (246kb pdf)
AM-2 Streetscape (224kb pdf)  
AM-3 Reserves (224kb pdf)  
AM-4 Transportation Network (259kb pdf)  
AM-5 Stormwater (286kb pdf)  
AM-6 Wastewater (304kb pdf)  
AM-7 Water Supply (290kb pdf)  
AM-8 Public Lighting (220kb pdf)  
AM-9 Network Utilities (207kb pdf)  

Inspection and Testing Requirements

Combined Inspection and Testing Requirements Section (8.1mb pdf)
IT-1 General Provisions (447kb pdf)  
IT-2 Streetscape (306kb pdf)  
    IS2.1 Inspection Sheet - Tree (201kb pdf)
IT-3 Reserves (650kb pdf)  

S2.1 Inspection Sheet - Tree (201kb pdf)
(NB this is the same form as above)

IT-4 Transportation Network (1.3mb pdf)  
    IS4.1 Inspection Sheet - Vehicle Crossing (120kb pdf)
    IS4.2 Inspection Sheet - Pre-Seal (215kb pdf)
IT-5 Stormwater (1.2mb pdf)  
     IS5.1 Inspection Sheet - Stormwater Manhole & Pipeline <50m Length (357kb pdf)
     IS5.2 Inspection Sheet - Sump (301kb pdf)
IT-6 Wastewater (2.7mb pdf)  
    IS6.1 Inspection Sheet - Stormwater Manhole & Pipeline <50m Length (434kb pdf)
    TS6.1 Wastewater Low Pressure Air Test (236kb pdf)
    TS6.2 Wastewater High Pressure Air Test (236kb pdf)
    TS6.3 Wastewater Rising Main Pressure Test (311kb pdf)
    TS6.4 Manhole Infiltration Test (235kb pdf)
IT-7 Water Supply (3mb pdf)  
    IS7.1 Inspection Sheet - Hydrant (142kb pdf)
    IS7.2 Inspection Sheet - Valve (129kb pdf)
    IS7.3 Inspection Sheet - Water Connection (202kb pdf)
    TS7.2 Installation Disinfection (243kb pdf)
IT-8 Public Lighting (159kb pdf)  
IT-9 Network Utilities (160kb pdf)  

Standard Drawings

SD1 General Provisions (400kb pdf)  
    T100 - Perspective Drawings
    CBD - Series Drawings
    T200 - Streetscape
    T300 - Reserves
    T400 - Transportation Network
    T500 - Stormwater
    T600 - Wastewater
    T700 - Water Supply
    T800 - Public Lighting (120kb pdf)
    As Built Drawings

Quality Assurance  Requirements

Combined Quality Assurance Requirements Section (815kb pdf)
QA-1 Information Requirements (240kb pdf)
QA-2 Development Evaluation Reports (280kb pdf)
QA-3 Development Works Approval (280kb pdf)
QA-4 Quality Assurance Record (Completion) (272kb pdf)
QA-5 As-Built Information (336kb pdf)  
QA-6 Digital Data Transfer Standard (484kb pdf) 
QA-7 Council Supplied Electronic Data (236kb pdf)

Standard Checklists and Certification Forms

Combined Checklist and Certification Section (3.8mb pdf)
AC-1 Application Checklist - Development Evaluation Report (222kb pdf)
G1 Producer Statement - Suitability of Land For Subdivision (217kb pdf)
C1 Producer Statement - Design (235kb pdf)
AC-2 DWA and As-Built Submission - Infill (1 of 2) (226kb pdf)
AC-2 DWA and As-Built Submission - Infill (2 of 2) (223kb pdf)
AC-3 DWA and As-Built Submission - General - All Drawings (222kb pdf)
AC3.1 DWA and As-Built Submission - Reserves (221kb pdf)
AC3.2 DWA and As-Built Submission - Transportation/Streetscape (1 of 2) (222kb pdf)
AC3.2 DWA and As-Built Submission - Transportation/Streetscape (2 of 2) (223kb pdf)
AC3.3 DWA and As-Built Submission - Stormwater (225kb pdf)
AC3.4 DWA and As-Built Submission - Wastewater (224kb pdf)
AC3.5 DWA and As-Built Submission - Water Supply (223kb pdf)
AC3.6 DWA and As-Built Submission - Natural Hazards and Earthworks (223kb pdf)
CM-1a Construction Monitoring Services (279kb pdf)
CM-1b Construction Monitoring Services (1.2mb pdf)
CM-1c Construction Monitoring Services (713kb pdf)
CM-1d Construction Monitoring Services (729kb pdf
AC-4 Application Checklist - Development Completion Report (226kb pdf)
G2 Producer Statement - Suitability Of Land For Building Development (217kb pdf)
C2 Streetscape Construction Certification (226kb pdf)
C3 Reserves Construction Certification (226kb pdf)
C4 Transportation Construction Certification  (1 of 2) (221kb pdf)
C4 Transportation Construction Certification (2 of 2) (478kb pdf)
C5 Stormwater Construction Certification (230kb pdf)
C6 Wastewater Construction Certification (230kb pdf)
C7 Water Construction Certification  (234kb pdf)
C9 Network Utilities Certification 203kb pdf)
G3 Summary of Geotechnical Data for Individual Lots (137kb pdf)
G4 Geotechnical Checklist - Geotechnical Reporting (264kb pdf)
C10 Producer Statement - Completed Construction Works (237kb pdf)
AC-5 Application Checklist - 224 Application (224kb pdf)
AR-1 Infrastructure Asset Register (221kb pdf)
B1 Streetscape / Reserves Bond Form (225kb pdf)
B2 Streetscape / Reserves Bond Calculation (Under Construction) 

Miscellaneous Documents

IDC Cover (3mb pdf)
IDC Spine (411kb pdf)
General Tab (2.9mb pdf)
Infrastructure Development Process Tab (1.39mb pdf)
Business and Process Designs Tab (172 kb pdf)
Design Standards Tab (502kb pdf)
Construction Standards Tab (518 kb pdf)
Approved Materials Tab (611kb pdf)
Inspection and Testing Requirements Tab (814kb pdf)
Standard Drawings Tab (528 kb pdf)
Quality Assurance Requirements Tab (446kb pdf)
Standard Checklists and Certification Forms Tab (314kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 23/02/2017