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As-Built Drawings

Combined As-Built Drawing Section (4.3mb pdf)

AB01 Relatvity of Datum Levels (158kb pdf)
AB02 Benchmark in K & C (103kb pdf)
AB03 Benchmark in Block (82kb pdf)
AB04 Benchmark in Box (137kb pdf)
AB100 Infill As-Built Plan (278kb pdf)
AB200 Streetscape and Reserves As-Built Plan (455kb pdf)
AB400 Transportation Network As-Built Plan (540kb pdf)
AB500 Stormwater As-Built Plan (733kb pdf)
AB600 Wastewater As-Built Plan (647kb pdf)
AB700 Water As-Built Plan (600kb pdf)
AB800 Earthworks As-Built Plan (763kb pdf)


Last Reviewed: 28/03/2017