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CBD Series Drawings

Combined CBD Series Drawings (7mb pdf)  - please note due to the size of the file you may have problems downloading the document

CBD001 Historic Precinct (481kb pdf)
CBD002 Dive Crescent Precinct (454kb pdf)
CBD003 Recreational Precinct (423kb pdf)
CBD004 City Precinct (510kb pdf)
CBD203 Trees - Garden Bed (1.2mb pdf)
CBD204 Trees - Paving (424kb pdf)
CBD205 Trees - Lawn (461kb pdf)
CBD215 Concrete Cubes (2mb pdf)
CBD216 Bollards - Stainless Steel (155kb pdf)
CBD217 Bollards - Proprietary Timber (183kb pdf)
CBD220 Fencing - Stainless Steel Palisade (998kb pdf)
CBD225 Edge Profiles - Steel Edging (879kb pdf)
CBD230 Drinking Fountain - Bespoke (229kb pdf)
CBD340 Seat - Type S1 Bespoke (1.5mb pdf)
CBD341 Seat - Type S1 Bespoke (Backless) (1.2mb pdf)
CBD342 Seat - Type S2 Bespoke (1.4mb pdf)
CBD343 Seat - Type S2 Bespoke (Backless) (1.2mb pdf)
CBD346 Seat - Type S4 Proprietary
CBD347 Seat - type S4 Properietary 'Armrest''
CBD350 Signs - Way Finding (610kb pdf)
CBD351 Signs - Interpretive (612kb pdf)
CBD440 Surfacing - Timber Decking (516kb pdf)
CBD441 Surfacing - Timber Deck Waterside Edging (986kb pdf)
CBD442 Surfacing - Tactile Paving (459kb pdf)
CBD801 Lighting - Accent Lighting (320kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 07/02/2017