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T300 Reserves

Combined Reserves Section (8.3mb pdf)
T303 Tree Location (77kb pdf)
T304 Tree Planting and Mulchable Area (343kb pdf)
T305 Tree Tie Configuration (93kb pdf)
T311 Garden Edging (2mb pdf)
T315 Bollards - Timber (1271kb pdf)
T316 Bollards - Timber Removeable (309kb pdf)
T317 Bollards with Dune Rope (177kb pdf)
T320 Fencing - Timber Post and Rail (180kb pdf)
T321 Fencing - Timber Urban Reserves (257kb pdf)
T322 Fencing - Pipe and Mesh (282kb pdf)
T323 Fencing - Pipe and Mesh Gate (259kb pdf)
T325 Edge Profiles - Timber Edging (315kb pdf)
T326 Edge Profiles - Concrete Edging (215kb pdf)
T330 Sand Ladder - Timber Plank (250kb pdf)
T331 Sand Ladder - Timber Plank for Vehicle (457kb pdf)
T335 Timber Picnic Table (431kb pdf)
T340 Bench Seat (271kb pdf)
T350 Reserve Entrance Sign (248kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 07/02/2017