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Merivale Neighbourhood Plan - "Moving Merivale Ahead"

This Neighbourhood Plan is about supporting the community’s values in the face of change and the challenges of the area’s generally lower socio-economic profile. It is also about protecting and enhancing the physical amenity of the area, making it a more attractive, safe and desirable place of the future – as one participant said “doing things that people will thank us for in 20 years time”, essentially the Merivale Neighbourhood Plan is about “Moving Merivale Ahead”.



In August 2011 Council resolved that the Merivale Neighbourhood Plan (2003) be superseded with the Merivale Community Centre's Positive and Proud document and that Council will continue to maintain a close working relationship with the Merivale Community Centre to assist in the implementation of this document and other matters where Council could play a role. This recognises that a large number of actions from the Plan have been completed and that further work has been undertaken by the Merivale Community Centre that is more relevant to this community moving forward.  If you would like to know more about the Positive and Proud document please contact the Merivale Community Centre on 578 6450.

Last Reviewed: 30/09/2016