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Reserve Management Plans

One of Council's responsibilities under the Reserves Act 1977 is to prepare Reserve Management Plans.

What is a Reserve Management Plan?

Reserve Management Plans set out how Council intends to provide for and ensure the use, enjoyment, maintenance, protection, and preservation, as the case may require, and, to the extent resources permit, the development of reserve.

Reserve Management Plans contain management statements that guide how Council will the management of its reserves. For example, they help establish how we will balance the protection of natural resources with recreational opportunities for the community.

Reserve Management Plans are subject to continuous review to adapt to changing circumstances.

Reserve Management Plan Review

Other than the Reserve Management Plan for the two sub-regional parks - TECT All Terrain Park and Huharua Park - the Reserve Management Plans are currently being reviewed. 

The Mount Maunganui Reserves Management Plan will be superseded by the Mauao Reserve Management Plan.
Mauao Reserve Management Plan

The other fourteen Reserve Management Plans are being reviewed and will be superseded by a single Tauranga Reserves Management Plan. The Tauranga Reserves Management Plan will also apply to reserves that are not currently subject to a Management Plan. 
Tauranga Reserves Management Plan

How can you be involved in the Reserve Management Plan review process?

  • When a Reserve Management Plan is under review you may contribute to its development
  • We publicly notify the development of all Reserve Management Plans through My City News and the local newspapers - you may provide written comments and suggestions 
  • We use written comments and suggestions to help write the draft Management Plan
  • Once the draft Management Plan is publicly advertised, you may make a submission
  • You may also attend the hearing of submissions by Council
  • For further information on Reserve Management Plans, contact Sonya McCall (Reserves and Recreation Planner) on 07 577 7000.

Where can you find the current Reserve Management Plans?

Last Reviewed: 11/04/2017