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Our Community Places

Our ommunity places

People that live in Tauranga have a wide range of needs and interests.  This can range from social, recreational, and cultural needs to education and information requirements.  Traditionally one way of meeting these needs is through the provision of local community facilities across the city.  These facilities provide services to the community and often act as focal points for community activities.  Community facilities are places where people can meet, play, laugh and learn.

Our Community Places is a strategy that recognises and guides Tauranga City Council’s contribution to the provision, management and use of community facilities in Tauranga.  The strategy provides specific direction on the future of community halls, community centres, and libraries in Tauranga and considers this in the context of our community outcomes and growth management strategy.  The strategy provides a framework for Council to determine how it can be most effective in contributing to social and community wellbeing through the provision of community facilities.

The focus of the strategy is primarily on facilities that Council has direct involvement in, however, it is recognised that privately owned and/or non-Council facilities such as schools, churches, and clubrooms also make a considerable contribution to the network of community facilities available for use.  In some cases Council has entered into a partnership with another organisation where the facility supports or significantly contributes to an identified community demand.

The Geographic Area Plan 2008 for Community Facilities should be read in conjunction with this strategy.  The plan takes a comprehensive look at community halls, community centres, and libraries within seven geographic areas of the city, and makes recommendations on the future provision of these facilities as part of a wider network.  The plan also assesses a number of proposals for Council involvement in community facilities and determines how these proposals might fi t with the community facilities network.

Last Reviewed: 07/11/2011