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Tauranga Transport Strategy

Tauranga Transport Strategy

The Tauranga Transport Strategy 2012-2042 replaces the Integrated Tauranga Strategy 2006. It was supported by the NZTA Board in February 2014 and was  adopted by Council in April 2014. 

Tauranga Transport Strategy (2mb pdf)

Tauranga Urban Network Study

The Tauranga Urban Network Study (TUNS) was developed jointly by TCC, BOPRC, WBOPDC and NZTA. The purpose of the TUNS is to: 

  • Develop a statement about the condition of the current arterial network; 
  • Identify the challenges the network is likely to face over the next 30 years; and 
  • Demonstrate the potential effects of these challenges on future network function.

Tauranga Urban Network Study (6mb pdf)


Last Reviewed: 28/03/2017