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Running an event


Thinking of organising an event in one of Tauranga’s beautiful spaces?

Our Event Facilitation team are on hand to make it as easy as possible for you to hold your event on our Council owned public open spaces. They are the main point of contact for event organisers, and work across Council departments to facilitate event approvals and any specialist support required to ensure a safe and successful event.

Application Process Guide

Notice required for an event

To assist you with planning your event we have developed the timelines below that are required to achieve the best outcome for enabling your event in Tauranga.

Low impact event

Events with:

  • No road closures or disruption to public transport
  • Low numbers of registered food vendors 
  • Low numbers of amusement devices (e.g. bouncy castle)
  • Multiple items of simple infrastructure (e.g. ezi-ups, portable toilets, small stage)

Examples include community days, fundraising events or park-based fun runs/walks.

Minimum 4 weeks notice.

Medium impact event

Events with:

  • Minor road closures and potential disruption to public transport
  • Multiple food vendors (approximately more than five) and/or liquor licensed areas
  • Amusement devices (e.g. bouncy castle)
  • Multiple items of infrastructure and/or an infrastructure build requiring building consent, e.g. marquees etc.
  • Multiple contractors

Examples include triathlons, large-scale sporting events, music events with stages.

Minimum 3-6 months notice depending on event requirements.

High impact event

Events with:

  • Significant number of people expected to attend
  • Road closures, disruption to public transport and high impact to traffic expected
  • Multiple food vendors and/or liquor licensed areas
  • Significant infrastructure builds
  • Multiple event sites and/or days
  • Resource consent required

Examples include major sporting events or music festivals.

Minimum 8 months notice.

Please discuss your event timelines with the Strategic and City Events team on 07 577 7000. Tauranga City Council reserves the right to decline an application if insufficient notice or information is provided.

Last Reviewed: 19/04/2017


Organising an event

If you are organising an event on Council-owned public open space, you will require an event approval. Our Event Facilitation team are here to help you through the process.

Organising an event


Health and safety at your event

Event organisers and Council have a legal and moral responsibility for the safety of everyone attending event on Council–owned public open space. We’ve developed some useful tools and templates to assist you with your health and safety planning.

Health and safety at your event


Waste minimisation at your event

Environmental sustainability is important to Tauranga City Council and should be incorporated into your planning.

How to minimise and manage waste at your event


Traffic management

If your event is happening on a street or impacting on the road reserve, you may require a traffic management plan.

Traffic management at your event


Licensing and consents

Depending on the nature of your event, you may require various licences, permits or consents.

Licensing and consent information


Water activities at your event

If you are organising an event that includes activity on the water, Bay Of Plenty Regional Council will need to approve this component of your event.

Information on water activities at your event