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Organising an event

What is an event?

An event is an organised special occasion of limited duration that brings people together for the primary purpose of participating in an uplifting community, cultural, commemorative, recreational, sport, art, educational or entertainment experience.

If you are organising an event on a public space in Tauranga, you may need to obtain an event approval and other licences or consents from Tauranga City Council.

We encourage you to contact our Event Facilitation team in the first instance to discuss the event’s feasibility and to offer advice and guidance on the next steps to take.  

Phone: 07 577 7000

Casual gatherings in public parks

A picnic, barbecue or gathering with a few (less than 100) family or friends is considered general use of a public space and does not require an event approval. Have fun!

Other activities that involve fewer than 100 people but do not have any infrastructure, high level/continuous noise, sale or supply of alcohol or impact on access for the general public are also unlikely to require an event approval. If you are unsure of your responsibilities, please do not hesitate to contact our Event Facilitation team – we’re here to help! 

Whatever sort of general use you are planning on one of Tauranga’s public parks, there are some guidelines for you to follow:

  • Be considerate: The park is for everyone, you will need to share the space with the public. 
  • Tidy-up: You should take your rubbish with you and recycle your waste where possible. 
  • Be a good host: Keep yourself and your guests safe. Check the area for hazards e.g. waterways, fire etc. Think about how to minimise the danger and keep safe. If you have concerns about site hazards that you can’t avoid or minimise, please contact Tauranga City Council on 07 577 7000. 
  • Be responsible: If your activity changes during planning (e.g. you decide to add a bouncy castle, invite food vendors, you need vehicle access or you decide to serve alcohol), you may have new responsibilities that our Events Facilitation team can advise on. 

General Use Guidelines

General Use Guidelines (153kb pdf)

Sports and regular activity bookings

To enquire about making a sports booking, or booking a regular activity (e.g. market) on Council-owned space, please contact our Parks Booking Coordinator.

Phone: 07 577 7000

What if I need an event approval?

If your event is more than just casual gathering, you will need to work with our Event Facilitation team to apply for an event approval. The approval process helps to ensure that you have done all you need to for a safe and successful event.

The first step in planning an event on a public space is to complete an event application form.

Event Application Form (640 kb pdf)

Applications will be assessed in terms of date and site availability, type of event activity, and the level of risk to the health and safety of those working at, participating in or entering your event site. 

Event Sites and Venues

Please ensure that you allow enough time for your event approval and other licenses to be granted prior to your event. Your facilitator will advise if a fee and/or a ground bond are required for the use of public space.

Event Timeframes (198kb pdf)
Licensing and Consents

Although the event approval process may appear daunting, our Event Facilitation team offers support, guidance and tools to help you understand and meet your safety and compliance responsibilities, whatever your level of expertise. 

Phone: 07 577 7000

Last Reviewed: 19/04/2017