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Public barbecues in Tauranga City are free to use. There are no bookings of the barbecues, it is based on first-in-first-served.  They are push button operated and are cleaned once a week in the winter and twice a week in the peak summer period.

BBQ's are ignited by holding the start button for a minimum of six seconds. If the BBQ does not light after six seconds, continue to hold the button in until it lights.

You are able to take your gas barbecue to any park or reserve or foreshore - however NO open fires are permitted on reserves.

You will find barbecues at these locations:




Arataki Park One BBQ between the skate park and St Johns. A key is required to access the switch to turn this on. Keys are available from Baywave Reception for a $20.00 bond
Beach Road Reserve Near east end of reserve near water front
Fergusson Park

Two BBQs on side of road from Tilby Drive entrance to toilet block

Two BBQs north of Tilby Drive playground

Kulim Park One near the toilet block, another close to the front gate
Marine Parade

Three BBQs opposite 33/34 Marine Parade

Three BBQs opposite 45 Marine Parade

Three BBQs in grass area above Tay Street Beach

Marine Park One BBQ at the northern end of the reserve in grass area between marina and Fishing Club.
Maxwells Road Esplanade One BBQ near the toilet block
McLaren Falls Park

At bottom flat campsite

On eastern peninsula at Cherry Bay

On western peninsula at Cherry Bay

On Hamilton Point

At top flat campsite 

Memorial Park

Between petanque court and rocket slide

Near the north end of Fraser Street car park

Papamoa Domain

In grass area behind beach car park

In grass area between Surf Club and restaurant

Pelorus Street Reserve Between seats west of play area
Pilot Bay Reserve Opposite 27a The Mall
Rotary Park South end of car park
Sulphur Point At far end of Marina facing Mount
Taylor Reserve Eastern end of the reserve
Tye Park In line with Forrester Drive entrance near water's edge, beach front of reserve. 30m southwest of boat ramp- 2nd bbq located East of the boat-ramp
Waterford Downs Reserve South of  the play area
Yatton Park Next to the garden near start of front loop track


Last Reviewed: 15/03/2017