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Booking Information

Games and training bookings 

For winter season bookings these can be taken from mid-January annually for the forthcoming season (1 April to 30 September).  The Parks Booking Coordinator emails booking forms to all regular users, for them to complete with their season requests and send back to Council by 12 noon on the 1 February.  For summer season bookings the same process is followed with the forms being sent out in mid-July for the summer season (1 October to 31 March) with the close off for application forms being 12 noon on the 1 August.

Once the Parks Booking Coordinator has processed all requests a confirmation email will be sent to all users to confirm their bookings.  Once this process has been completed the bookings for the upcoming season are classed as open and anyone can make their request or bookings can be changed as and when required.

For the season bookings remember that the organisation running the competition (usually the Regional Sports Organisation) will book the games and clubs will book their training requirements.

Events and tournament bookings

Bookings for events and tournaments can be requested up to 1 year in advance of the booking date.

All bookings are requested/confirmed subject to the Outdoor Spaces Booking Policy (79kb pdf)

To make a booking request please email the Parks Booking Coordinator

General Enquiry - If you have an enquiry about the sports fields which is not in regard to making a booking then please email the Parks Booking Coordinator on

Book a promotion board

Promotional Boards are available at some of the sports fields for the codes based at the park to promote their upcoming events/activities on the sports field.

To make an application, please fill in the below application form and send to the Parks Booking Coordinator

Sports field user promotions board - Application form (144kkb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 23/02/2017