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Sportfield Updates

This page contains information on alerts/updates/projects and maintenance of Tauranga City's Active Reserves.


See the booking information page for details and forms.


There are no alert updates at present.


There are no maintenance updates at present


There are no project updates at present

Spring Renovation Plan 2016

Spring Renovation 2016

Spring Renovation Plan 2016 (211kb pdf)

Spring Renovation Plan Key

  • Second Column is the exact fields on each reserve which are going to be renovated
  • Green - dates the fields are being renovated and so not available for use
  • Cricket balls - these are when wickets on the reserves are being maintained
  • Light bulbs - this is when the removable floodlights are being moved to their summer locations
  • Fields no listed will not be renovated this spring

AIMS Games

The games are taking place this year on the following reserves between the 31 August and 12 September 2016- during this time availability will be limited.  If you hope to have a booking during this time on the reserves listed below please contact the Parks Booking Coordinator asap to discuss.

  • Arataki Park 
  • Blake Park
  • Links Avenue 
  • Macville Park 
  • Waipuna Park

Tauranga Domain

There are 2 large rugby games planned for the Tauranga Domain on the 27 August and 4 September 2016- on these dates access to the park will be heavily restricted.

Athletics track fees and charges - Tauranga Domain

Last Reviewed: 05/09/2016