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Traffic and Parking Bylaw Submission Form


Submission Form

Proposed amendments to the Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2012

Submissions close: 22 May 2017 at 5:00pm
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We will contact you to confirm the date and arrange a convenient speaking time. Each speaker is allocated 10 minutes.
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My submission is that:
Identify what your issue is. Indicate clearly whether you support or oppose the specific provisions, or if you want to have them changed. Give your reasons.
Word or PDF format is preferred - we may be unable to open other formats.
Submission Guidelines
  1. Please be advised that should you wish to speak to the councils, you must still provide a full written submission (this will outline your main points)
  2. Please note when speaking to your submission that it is not an opportunity to raise new issues that you have not identified in your written submission.
  3. If handwriting, please use a dark coloured pen and write as legibly as possible. This helps ensure that photocopies of your submission are easy to read.
  4. Any petitions will be treated as one submission from the initial submitter.
  5. Copies of the draft Policy are available on the councils' website (, from the councils' Customer Service Centre, 91 Willow Street and at Tauranga City Libraries.

Privacy Act Information

The Local Government Act 2002 requires submission to be made available to the public.

Your contact details are collected to arrange a date and time for you to speak to your submission if you choose to and so the Councils can write and inform you of the decision(s) on your submission(s).

Your name and address will be publicly available. If you would like your address and phone details (including email address) kept confidential you need to inform us when you send in your submission. You have the right to correct any errors in personal details contained in your submission. If you do not supply a name and address the councils will formally receive your submission, but will not be able to inform of the outcome.